Justified Andrew Balami2022/07/22 02:05


A by product of idleness and selfishness

An invention of lowlessness and cowardice

A rythem of stupidity and foolishness

A weapon of discomfort and destruction

A deceitful gift of uncontended gluttons

What is thy purpose?

A satisfaction of the lazy and the unethical

The practice of the unwise and the ungrateful

A creation of annoyance and bitterness

A craft of the unjust and the brokenhearted

A mirror of the lazy and the reflection of fools

What is thy desire?

The agony of mothers and fathers

The cravings of the young and adults

Condemned by Religions and rejected by traditions

Thirst of the unfaithful and drought of communitiesj

Ailments of the society and plague of nation's

What is thy benefits?

Art thou mortal or immortal that thou invade sanctity

Art thou a warrior that thou should wage war on us,

Art thou an enemy that thou should lay a siege at our gate

Thou art unwanted and unwelcomed, shouldn't thou go?

Depart you sorrowful unwanted evil and be gone

Let the universe know not, see not and hear of thee no more.

Written by

Justified Andrew Balami


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