Why, I CANNOT see tomorrow

Haleemah2022/07/21 09:11

A reasonable majority are afraid to hope, live and lead a better today for the best of the future because of fear of tomorrow. It is your trying time today, a better thing is cooking, work and wait for 'eat' A better tomorrow lies in your hands, it's reasonable yardstick is the way today is utilized.

Why, I CANNOT see tomorrow

And when everything seems dry; when hopes are completely or almost fully shattered, when dry season refuses to give way to the rainy.

When you work so hard that the only thing that keeps you going is the hereafter rewards, when nothing around you seems to be positively channelled. When those to run to are preoccupied with personal businesses. When physical, financial, Psychological and educational problems refuse to yield remedy. And when the heart is as heavy as the problem is to be spilt open.

Before the day comes night. Even at night, the moon shines light. Every dark tunnel has a way out, even if it is the way in, there is always one.

The urge to keep moving is dim but it still remains. Think of the times that were rosy, the times flooded with bliss and bounty. Were they valued and cherished?

Reminisce old moment, regret not, what you did, even your folly. Laugh out and share savoury tasting moments. Be a farfala in your happy memories.

Remember what you want tomorrow to look like. Do not give any reason to ruin or hinder the happy but yet come.

If nothing, value your life, cherish now because it will be a memory after the tick of the clock's longest hand, be happy , make others happy, no season lasts forever. It changes when due, be happy for others' success.

You WILL NOT see tomorrow today so its' value before your eyes will not diminish.

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