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You shouldn't be an anti-change

Haleemah2022/08/19 13:37

Enjoying success requires our undaunted effort and ability to change and adapt_______ Nolan Ryan. A repetition of the strength of the mind is never too much. Anticipating successors have to readily accept the fact that change is necessary but what we feed our inner thought with, is our only stumbling barrier.

Old shoes fit better

They are more comfortable than new

We run, jump, walk and hop in them

New shoes are special,

They may not even be our perfect sizes,

We would like to run, jump, walk, or hop in them not,

FOR fear of being worn out, for discomfort

They are both materialistic

One is comfortable

the other is special

FOR the love of goodies, we cherish the special one more.

Changes will come, it is constant

How do get used to new shoes?

How do you treat changes?

Like the comfortable shoes that will soon be worn out

OR like the new shoes that might

with them

come temporary discomfort.

Make positive change



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