"So... The Sky Is Blue", 19.07.2022

Rina Blue2022/07/20 18:51

I don't know what it is🤔 I was just sitting there, and then these lines were "born" in my head📝

"So... The Sky Is Blue", 19.07.2022

So... the sky is blue.
I can't believe that it's true.
I'm so confused...
It's a calm cold morning,
The raindrops are no longer falling.
We've all been waiting for it.

The sky is blue, oh yeah!
I can raise my head.
I've waited so long to say
That I love you.
Fear dissipated like a fog,
My wounded heart is unlocked.
Be gentle, I promise to be strong.
You know I'm here for you.

This perfect blue...
There's something about it...
I can't touch it,
I can't deal with it,
But I smell the wind of changes.
I'm so confused...
I can't talk about it...
But if you've ever touched it,
Then you can understand it,
Just spit in their ugly faces!

And my sky is still blue...
My sky is still blue...
My sky...
My sky...

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