Our book obsession

Blue2022/07/20 17:58
Our book obsession

Books are the easiest way to escape. When you pick of a hard or soft copy you are instantly transported to another person’s life. Their problems become your problems, their struggles become your struggles and their hurts, joys, pains and admirations morph into yours. I’ve always loved reading. About the fearless heroine or the insurmountable problem. Over the years I have realized that my Favorite genre of reading is dystopian, rom, coms, family drama and mystery. Dystopian simply means a wolf with great suffering and injustice. In books like that, the main character try’s to make their community/ world a better and safer world to leave on, often finding romance on the way. What I love about dystopian books are that even when the world seems to be falling apart around them, more often than not the main characters still find that break of peace or love that makes the books so special. I don’t like the typical romance books. I like the ones with heart. Not the corny love at first sight trash but the ones that deeply explain their love for each other. Books where the main characters have a story and find peace and solace in each other, where every science with them i it together feels special and sacred. When the connections are something out of this world. With a good insert of laughs in it obviously. On this not here are my favorite dystopian/ rom comes books I have read so far. (The ones with red hearts are the must reads!)


Divergent series

The renegades

The selection series❤️

Cinder series

Red queen❤️

Cruel prince

Rom coms

Cheat sheet

To all the boys I’ve loved before

So not happening

11 paper Hearts❤️

Better than the movies❤️

I’ll be yours❤️

The selection❤️ (it is both dystopian and rom com)

The summer I turned pretty

Family drama

Everything I never told you❤️


A good girl’s Gide to murder❤️

And then there was none

The murder of roger ackroyd


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