A Life in Death

Chinedum Anayo2022/07/20 08:50
A Life in Death

The fact is that death is inevitable just because life is evitable. Life is barely a luxury but in actuality, a burden. I am alive today only means an extra time to stress over nothing.

What if 'I can't eat?'. 'Can I live with food starvation?' life is not a luxury as I have been burdened to think about eating just because I need to stay alive. Many blessings upon my life for thinking of survival before accomplishments, regardless, I believe that if only I could stay alive I would accomplish a specific success. I can't handle the hassle of starvation because I need to manhandle often as a living being.

Differences are in between the red apple and the green apple, but with just a little bit of guidance you will see that there are only similarities between. Life and Death are both colloquial. I don't want to die is not an equilibrium, rather, it is a limited expression; the only statement that most definitely results in a fiasco. We can't avoid death or detriment, all we can do is spend time alarming over the nothingness indicated in death.

Gladly, the I don't want here is radically a request and not a proclamation. One would ask, do I even have the capability to stay alive? does being alive require capacity? No, that assumption is considered timid, God promises ME long life and prosperity in a statement. But we haven't thought about why God wouldn't bestow upon us all the requirements that would result in his absence from my heart. This is indeed a fascinating development and I don't think the Omniscient would revert his essence for any reason.

Sacrifices are worthwhile if the piece is efficient. The whole world is an Irony of itself. A redundant auto-pilot headed for blemish. A turn around is required and what we should consider at this moment are directions.

To the common man, humility is intrinsic,

To the wealthy merchant, pride is a technique.

This is the reality of the modern wicked world, values are disregarded and the greater good is ignored.

Understanding the universe would be required to navigate through the issues of life's existence just as it is required to relate to the undesirable status of death.

Interestingly, Religion is a risky importance, Politics is an acceptable disturbance and Society is an extant.

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