A Chaotic World To Nurture

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Superstar's first rhymes after The Existence created him. From a section of The Songs of Lexicon called Superstar's Rhymes

A Chaotic World To Nurture

With me, a chaotic world was left

My duty is to nurture it

I do hope, that I can make it the best

Of all the worlds that do exist

It seems this world is now bare

And I guess it's time for me to prepare

To create a world which is beautiful beyond compare

At last I shall nurture this world which is bare

I don't know why, but I do understand

It's as if I was born to create

Well, I'll say The Existence is great

For the knowledge he implanted in me is great

With my far vision and future foresight,

I know what to create

And what I'll create shall be called great

A world with everything that is great

Superstar's Rhymes
Songs of Lexicon

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