Guard your peace

Kuvonakala2022/07/20 03:54

Learn to speak the truth so that you guard your peace.

Be honest with your diagnosis so that you may heal.

Don’t conceal rather reveal because that seed consist weed.

Our hearts are loamy and that weed will bloom.


Compromise but you must know how to prioritize.

Guard your heart and protect your mind.

on red flags don’t turn a blind eye,

and don’t pretend if something is not alright.


Consult your conscious for consent before you conduct

your inner peace and actions should not collide.

Your organelle and components of thy life should concordance

and no element should defiant that will cause tension


Be progressive but always recess to reflect

stick to your path and stand your ground don’t deflect.

Don’t always follow associates occasional dissociate,

know your vision and your mission should not be breach

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