The Future Leaders

AlixQueen2022/07/20 00:52

Future Leaders are those who believe in changing the world to a better version

Future Leaders are not weak, they are very confident, brave, smart, courageous,and most of all wise. They believe that they can change the world to the place where people no longer beg for survival. They do all their best even if is to scrarifice for others, they don't care of what the outcome will be.

We are young but we are brave, inquisitive with broadmindedness, future lies in us! If the old had gone it would be left on us to thrive and strive for better society, When? and How? Future lies in us!

The society relies in us, and we capable to drive the society, Future lies in us! If leader of tomorrow is only the song pondered on in order to encourage our spirit,

there must be an attempt to nurture leadership of purpose to envision maximum impact

rather than deceitfulness, future lies in us!

We are promised to be part and parcel of political leadership,

but it’s only a confession of the tongue, future lies in us!

We are an integral part of the branches of the society embedded with purpose, And to explore the world, future lies in us!

We are passionate about global change but we are left

with no delusion, future lies in us!

We are leaders of purpose envisioning development

and transformation, future lies in us!

The World lies in us, and the future is now, because it lies in us! Awake oh! Future leaders, the time is now, not tomorrow, but today,

because we are the leader of today, future lies in us!

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