How do you know if you've had an authentic spiritual awakening experience?

Yoglica2022/07/19 18:23

Some people can awaken to a Spirit and think they’d having a spiritual awakening with consciousness awareness.

Other Forces can be quite deceptive and may even feel divine or mimic all the signs of the symptoms of waking up with a cosmic consciousness.

All spiritual awakenings are authentic. Depends where you are in your awakening. It can be profound and extreme love and bliss.

it can be pure terror of a nightmare to metamorphosis and deconstruct your ego.

you start to question your soul

profound realizations

dark Knight of the soul

like you’re coming undone

you don’t know who you are anymore or find new parts of yourself.

you begin to see the unseen

feel frequencies

intuition or Claire ability kick in

Everything you thought you knew, it’s not what it seems.

Question everything

love 💕


spending time in silence

Being pulled to nature

talking to trees or animals or sentient beings you feel connected too

Ego voice getting louder

Ego voice like a whisper

feeling like you’re lied to

feeling ones, interconnectedness, heat, itching.

Sensory overload

Going through extreme mood shifts in a short amount of time

Kriyas, screaming, hair pull in , crying

That you are not this body or mind the noise in your head.

feeling connected to God divine the universe knowing you are God divine.

That you’re not separate and divide it.

that you can see the mirror in everyone. Everyone is you is you are them.

Dream space may have textures, premonitions

Psychic abilities or telepathy

perceiving shifts in your awareness, feeling like you’re in other dimensions which are states of consciousness.

Credits: Jeannie Hohmann

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