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Freedom is a poem that speaks the heart of enslaved men who broke out to



Wake up, dreams and memories,

rise in epoch, rain on waves and valleys.

Ocean:wash the sky to dry,

rivers:hold the sun at night,

bid the mountains fly with wings

and storm sweep like seas.

Wake up, memoirs and histories,

run in flames and blaze like winds,

listen to the lyrics of the stars

as visions showered in dews like snows.

Let the wall speak for victories,

and the trees eat up its reasons.

Heroes once trampled under fear,

with roles and phases in pains and pairs.

Strangers reigned in tremors and spaces,

Wailing over a wuss joy.

Flags of foreigners blew trends and rumors

as writers wrote hunger;

players played numbers:

warriors fought waves and winds.

O poor nation!

But tables gathered in heresy

against the fleets of foreigners like hurricanes.

Humor of war amidst chariot and Spears.

Winter flows in gulfs and archipelago;

Finch flies in trench and stepped.

How can the sky fall at night?

or the sun run for Dawn?

Mongers fetched whales at night,

as swift men daze in freedom.

Shakes Pen

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