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Justified Andrew Balami2022/07/18 23:52


Lay to sleep, sleep to rise

Rise to shine, shine to live

Ding dong, ding dong the alarms

A day goes by, in hope I wait

Going to come, coming to go

It's another time in silence

Patients and anxiety became friends

A time spent on cue, still I wait

Sucklings turned infant, infant a man

Mothers and fathers growing old

Drifting away In the beaming of the night

At yet another glimpse of light, yet I wait

Searching for you as though I had lost you

My weakness became my strength

At yet another dawning my strength is weak

Can't find you walking in you, gladly I wait

Rich or poor don't matter whenever

Seasons and sessions, all in hope.

Generations unnumbered like water droplets

Cheering and clapping for your arrival we wait

In sadness in pain, in joy in tears

In hauling winds and the stormy tempest

We advanced further to seek your coming

Wondering if you would ever come, we await.

Written by:

Justified Andrew Balami

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