Which is better, job or business?

Nameless2022/07/18 09:38

How much do you know about the role of these entrepreneurs in the economy of a country?

It is better to do business if you can afford it.

Your organization will provide employment to many more people.

Here is an example:

Ruhul has passed from IBA. Unilever has offered him a job for 50,00 $. Also gave the car. Mother, father and lover all want Ruhul to be involved in this.

After finishing fashion designing from Santa Mary, Mita got a very good job offer from Beximco's sister "Yellow". Does anyone leave such a good offer as usual?

Border has completed CSE from University. Offers from Samsung and Microsoft country are pending. But they have in mind the idea of ​​a mobile application which is in great demand in the global market.

The top 3 youngsters are very talented but none of them want to get involved anywhere. 3 people were seen walking around the rules of the world. They want to make full use of the skills of these 3 people but no one in the family and society is with them.


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