A Confession From The Other Man

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A poem by The Other Man telling his love about himself and the things he had noticed in her behavior.

A Confession From The Other Man

Detectives don't always have to be right

They base on facts

To make logical decisions

They study patterns in human psychology

To predict patterns in human acts

They study Physics, Chemistry and Biology

To explain phenomena and bizarre cases

Yet the hardest cases to crack

Are matters of the heart

It's not that I didn't tell you about my detective side

I did

Or maybe you forgot that detectives,

Like scientists

Are always asking questions

Always looking for answers

To unexplained phenomena

The one known as The Other Man

Told you almost everything about his nature

It seems you just may simply have forgotten

Everything that makes up The Other Man

Can simply be put in one word


He is currently wondering

Why you never thought

That The Other Man would be curious

As to what his love thinks of him

As a man who is mostly of his word

He could have promised you his eternal love

Before he can promise you his all

There would be a need

For you to prove your love

To The Other Man

Whether or not the songs of The Other Man

Will end in a comedy or a sad tragedy

Is up to you my love

Everything that happens next

It's up to you

And only you

My Dear Success.

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