Her last wish

Chidera2022/07/18 05:13
Her last wish

"Uncle Jerry why did you leave me here all alone" I wept silently in my room as I rub my swollen tummy that was home to his unborn child

Keeping this pregnancy a secret hasn't been easy for me, I had to wear baggy gowns and huge jackets under the burning weather just to hide my baby bump

I tried my very best not to throw up when I'm irritated and even when the vomit is about to spill out of my mouth I would close my mouth with my hand and swallow it back

I did all these just to keep the promise I made to uncle Jerry few weeks before he abandoned me

I've sent several letters to him buh he never replied, memories of times we spent together made me cry every night

I guess he was lying when he said he loved me,or when he told me not to hate myself for loosing my left arm in an accident or when he said a girl like me with a disfigured face was the prettiest he had ever seen

I guess he is a good liar cause I'm still madly in love with him and I just can't get him out of my mind

I've hidden my pregnancy for 7 months now from my parents and I was planning to runaway soon buh this morning while eating with them I got irritated and I could no longer hold back my vomit

I threw up right on the dining table and some even splashed on my dad, the first question my mom asked me was "Ruth are you pregnant?"

I was too afraid to say anything, my mom then walked up to me and raised the big gown I was wearing and what they saw left shock written all over their faces

"When did you get pregnant and who's responsible?" My dad yelled almost bringing down the roof

"Sir it's uncle Jerry" I replied still shivering in fear, immediately my dad called uncle Jerry on phone and questioned him buh he denied ever having an affair with me

My dad apologized to him and then he started beating me black and blue for accusing his elder brother for such atrocity

"Daddy believe me"I screamed as several punches landed on my face,yet he didn't stop, my mom was insulting me and saying that she never knew I was this wayward

My dad was too angry that it never occurred to him that he was beating a pregnant lady,his only child for that matter

And while he was beating me in pure rage and disgust, my water broke, and I started bleeding heavily

It was when he saw blood drooling down my legs that he started panicking and calling for help

I was already unconscious when I was rushed to the hospital, my breath began to seize due to huge loss of blood

My baby was surgically removed and kept besides me while the doctors and nurses ran around looking for pints of blood to sustain me

I knew I was going to die buh I wasn't worried about that, at last I would leave this cruel world and have rest

Just before I breathed my last, i felt a warm hold on my hand, it was that of my baby, it felt as if she was telling me not to leave her behind, honestly I wish I could stay with her buh...

"Sadly I'm too gone to stay, I just pray she gets a good life that I wasn't able to have"


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