Volcano Eruption

Md.Naief Wasit Bin Kabir2022/07/16 16:06
Volcano Eruption

Most of us are familiar with the word volcano. Even then some information is not shared. About 60 volcanoes erupt each year. Currently there are about half a thousand active or living volcanoes in the world. Volcanoes that have no possibility of eruption are called dead or extinguished volcanoes. Volcanos is also not active at present, but may fight fire in the future, called hidden volcano.

If the ghost appears to be cracked, the ghost has a week pore, or the fluid rocks and pressure increased in the underground can cause an eruption. Flames can cause clouds of ash and aerial substance in the sky. Volcanoes can occur in the middle of the ocean too.

The Bromo Volcano in Indonesia. There are more than 130 active volcanoes in the country, one of which is super volcanos, making Indonesia the most active volcano country in the world. Now let’s get to the main discussion! What if all the volcanoes of the world erupt at once?

If this happens, it will be difficult for you to find a safe place to shelter, because almost every continent has at least one super volcano habitat. For example, the United States has Yellowstone, Nogorongoro of Thanzania and Toba of Indonasia. Besically, wherever you are, it will affect you. But at least you have a warning, because a few weeks ago, the earthquake will shake.

When Krakatoa erupted in 1883, which was not even near the size of a super volcano, it made so loud that it traveled about 4800 across the Indian ocean, tearing down windows and deafening people on its way gives. If a small volcano eruption has so much impact, then it can’t wait to explain how much damage it would cause if it erupts at once.

Now let’s assume you luckily survived the first step of the volcano. After this, your hardest job will be, finding a shelter. Because this ultra explosion will create billions of tons of ash, spread volcanic glass and rocks into the air up to thousand meters. It will collapse buildings, pollute water supply and down any power grid. And any town near super volcano will make toast immediately. You can understand how hard it will be to breathe!

74000 years ago when Toba erupted, the same ash flew in Indian’s air. So if all super volcano erupts at once, the volcano ruins will spread worldwide. When the flams end, the disaster will just begin. Because for the next six months, much of that supervolcanic ash will be stratosphire and block the sunlight, causing global temperatures to drop to 15 degress Celsius. Tropical forests, which cannot manage in cold weather, will dry up, destroying millions of animals living there.

When the lucky Volcano erupted in Iceland in 1783, it poured so much sulphuric acid that destroys all agriculture and eliminated half of all cattle. Next year, a quarter of Iceland’s population died from famine. Where Lucky, Krakatoa was no super volcanoes erupt at once now, I can’t imagine. I don’t know exactly if it’s possible to explode all at once, but I want nothing to happen!!

Md.Naief Wasit Bin Kabir

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