A Birthday Wish From Lexicon And The Fantastic Four

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A Birthday Wish composed by myself and four of my closest high school friends, namely, Dr Rhyme AKA Superstar, Don Diego De Shotingo, Hygienic and Gill Sam to a certain lady in high school that has made it's way into the Songs of Lexicon.

A Birthday Wish From Lexicon And The Fantastic Four

From the tree of virginity

Fell a seed of Purity

The seed sprout into a seedling of love

And the lovely seedling grew more and more into beauty

Men praised the seedling as days went on

And that was you

Your beauty blossomed as years went by

The sound of your voice turned into nectar

The purity of your heart brought you grace

Your grace is leading you to perfection

And wisdom is the essence of your leaves

As God adds one more year to your years

We pray that he gives you more beauty, wisdom and good health

May You prosper

And may all your heart's desires be fulfilled

May he add more years to your years

And may your birthday be filled with more than JOY

With this

We do wish you

A very happy birthday

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