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The book fully describes love from both perspectives. The Face Of Love explores the challenges such as betrayal, disappointment, greed and others that exists in trying to find a suitor.

Chapter 1

Caleb was a hardworking, well cultured, kind hearted and very respectful young man. He always gave his best in anything he does and he was the only child of his late parents. Caleb was just two years old, when he lost his father and he was in his early twenties when his sweet mother died, who had raised him with so much love. He wished his mother stayed alive a little longer to enjoy the fruit of her labor. Growing up, Caleb was so close to his late mother, he loved his mother so much, and almost died of sorrow when his beloved mother died after a brief illness, as she was the only parent he knew and had. Caleb was properly raised by his late mother, who singlehandedly brought him up ever since his father died. Caleb was in his final year in the university when he lost his beloved mother and it took him a year to recover from the shock.

Life wasn't easy for him when he lost his beloved mother, by the time he fully recovered from the pain and shock caused by his mother's sudden death, he was already rounding up with his NYSC program. Due to Caleb's good up bringing, he kept less friends because he didn’t want to be led astray. Life was mostly lonely for him till one day, he ran out of luck, when he met a very beautiful girl named Laura. Laura and Caleb were classmates during their secondary school days. So it happened that when they wrote their WAEC they both scattered into different directions. They lost track of each other untill they ran into each other at a busy bus stop in Lagos. From that day, they got talking and Caleb felt bad when he found out that Laura didn't further her education, ever since they left secondary school as her parents couldn't afford a university education. Caleb had always had a soft spot for Laura and after they met again, Caleb's feelings for Laura became stronger and he thought Laura would bring him happiness. There was just something about her that drives Caleb crazy, ever since he reconnected with Laura, he was drawn to her, his loneliness and the void his late parents left was not helping Caleb reason properly. Caleb had a crush on her during their secondary school days and seeing each other again after many years trigger those feeling of love to return. After the excitement of reconnecting with each other settled, Caleb went straight to ask her out and she accepted. With the look of things, Laura could tell that Caleb was above her league as he was a graduate while she had no plan of furthering her education because her parent had told her countless times that they couldn't afford it. Laura didn't hesitate to accept him into her life, because she had been crushing on Caleb for a long time, before he approached her. When they started dating, everyone knew about their love affair even Laura's parents, their relationship was enviable and very beautiful.

Caleb came into Laura's life and he changed her life positively. He taught her so much about life and even supported her in anyway possible. A year into their relationship, Caleb got a job and the first thing he did was to get his beloved Laura admitted into a prestigious university for her to further her education. All to Laura's utmost surprise. Laura's parents were so glad when they found out. They couldn't believe their ears when Laura told them that Caleb had also bought all the required textbooks, a new smartphone, new clothes and given her some cash to buy other things she would need in school. For the past one year, even. though Caleb's salary was very meager he always got Laura everything she needed and supported her in anyway possible. Caleb knew that things were so tough for Laura and her parents and for the past one year, he would stylishly give Laura some cash knowing she would give it to her parents. Caleb was so thoughtful and generous to Laura and her family and with time Laura's parents began to see him as their divine helper, sent by God to save them. Laura's parents felt bad, when they got to know that he was an orphan. As they had liked him so much because of all he does for their family. During the four years Laura spent at the university, Caleb put it on himself to pay her bills and when he was low on cash, he would take up a loan to meet up with Laura's school bills. Not that he earned much, most times Laura had seen him starve after making sacrifices for her and her family. He always ensured that Laura was not broke as he always send her money. Caleb sacrificed everything for his girlfriend's future and he never thought that one day all his sacrifices especially his genuine love for Laura would be a WASTED LOVE.

Caleb trusted Laura more than anyone in this world. After Laura graduated from the university and completed her National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) Program, things changed drastically between the love birds. One day, words came to Caleb that Laura had gotten a good Job, all thanks to the young man she was dating. "That man is a very wealthy man and very connected too. His name is Reuben;" Chike, a nosy neighbor told him. Caleb didn't believe him and Laura also managed to convince him that the news was fake. "My uncle got the job for me, no one else; lCaleb, I love you so much and I can't hurt you not after everything you have done for me and my parents". Laura told him and he believed her, in a short while, Laura resumed her duties in her new place of work and Caleb was genuinely happy that Laura was now independent but still he never stopped caring for Laura.

Chapter 2

Few months later, Caleb received the biggest shock of his life, when he told Laura that they should make their relationship official, he proposed to Laura "Let's get married my love" but she turned him down. "Caleb I can't marry you, how can we survive with your little salary, don't tell me you expect me to support you and myself with my salary, because that's impossible, my first and only responsibility are to my parents, please arrange your life first, before we start talking about marriage" Laura said at once and Caleb felt bad, but he reasoned with Laura and he decided to look for a better job and make his Laura happy.

Laura had forgotten that from that little salary, Caleb had seen her through the university and provided all her needs. Few months after, Caleb got a better job and the first person he shared the good news to was his beloved Laura, he gave her the good news over the phone as they barely got to see each other. "My love, we can now plan for our wedding" Caleb said excitedly and there Laura opened up. "I'm so sorry Caleb, I don't think I can marry you, as I love someone else, I'm in a relationship with someone else, we never talked about marriage from day one, I thought we are just dating and that's all" Laura finally admitted. Caleb was devastated. Caleb could not believe that all the news he heard about Laura and her new lover Reuben was actually true. "For how long, have you been deceiving me? I thought we love each other so much" Caleb managed to ask, Laura refused to respond to his question.

Caleb tried everything to convince her that he loves her so dearly. "All I did for you all these years was out of love, how could it not be love? I love you so much and I can give my life for you. All these years I always dreamed about the day we will finally tie the knot and you will be officially called my wife, please don't do this to me" Caleb said calmly. "What did you do for me, that no one has ever done?, I never knew you were being so nice to me because you want to marry me "Laura said sharply. "Laura, I love you, what are you saying, I thought we love each other so much, you told me you love me many times and how you can't wait to become my wife, we were so in love with each other" Caleb added. But all he said went in vain, just like his love and sacrifices as Laura didn't listen to him any further, she hanged up immediately. Few days later, Caleb tried not to contact Laura but he was overcome by his emotions and feelings for her and he called her again but she didn't take his calls. Laura called him back after 20 days, asking him if he was doing okay. "Laura, how can I be okay, when you bluntly told me that you don't love me and won't marry me and for the past one month you refused to take my calls" Caleb responded.

Laura didn't utter a word in response and she then hanged up. That same day, Caleb visited Laura's parents hoping that they would help repair his relationship with their daughter. But he was shocked at how they handled the situation, he became a joke in front of Laura's parents as they continued to make a mockery out of him. "My son you never told me you wanted to marry my daughter, I thought both of you were just friends, love is not by force, next time, if you see a girl you love, you should be specific" Laura's parents told Caleb. He left Laura's house feeling worse. Unknown to Caleb, Laura had been seeing a very wealthy young man named Reuben, Laura met Reuben when she was posted for her NYSC Program and Caleb was a fool to think that Laura loved him. Laura was just an opportunist and a social climber who was just interested in money and material things. When Reuben came into her life and he showered her with expensive gifts, lots of cash and got her a good job, She discarded Caleb instantly.

The worst was that her parents were solidly behind her every decision of putting Caleb away. "Reuben is our ticket to a good life and affluence, please don't allow that Caleb to spoil things for us, what has he done for you that no one has ever done" her parents had told her and no wonder they made mockery of his love instead of being fair to Caleb. Caleb wept all his way home, he recalled how he would ask Laura to study hard and stay focused and how he always proved his love to her. One Saturday morning, Caleb was doing his laundry when Chike his neighbor came with a disheartening news. "Guy, guess who I saw at that classic bar beside Trust bank?" Chike said sharply. "Chike, I'm busy oh, I don't have time to gossip like a girl" Caleb replied. "I saw your girlfriend with that Rich man, Reuben, they are still at the bar, kissing and cuddling, go and see things for yourself, I don't gossip but I speak facts, that your babe is deceiving you oh" Chike entered at once, with the look on Chike's face, Caleb could tell that he was angry because he called him a gossiper.

'Guy are you sure?" Caleb asked, "Caleb go and see things for yourself" Chike added when he noticed that Caleb believed him this time. Caleb rushed down to the bar and lo and behold, Chike was right. Caleb didn't make a scene, he waited till Reuben was gone before he confronted Laura and she was not remorseful, "it was good you found out by yourself, Caleb I appreciate everything you have done for me and my family but if you want a refund, I can as well repay you for every single dime you spent on me, my fiance is a wealthy man and he can easily repay all you spent on me" Laura said at once. Caleb doesn't need a soothsayer to tell him that Laura never loved him that she was with him only for the 'help' he had given her. Caleb's sacrifices, his love, all of his efforts were to help her be the best version of herself. Laura and her family used him like hell, Caleb couldn't believe he wasted 6 years of his life, his genuine love and sacrifices on a heartless person like Laura. He quietly walked away from Laura's presence. From that day Caleb was depressed, he doesn't know how to concentrate at work and how to get back his life. But one night he prayed "God, if karma exists, I want justice. How can having a good and pure heart be a crime in this world? What Laura did to me is not justified, and a good human being cannot do this. The worst is that i still love her. Still, I can go to any length for her, I don't regret any thing I did for her because I did everything out of love but it's breaking me. Lord, I'm dying inside and I can't tell this to anyone. I just hope I get better. I'm waiting for a miracle to happen. Help me to recover, you are the only one I have, please don't forsake me Lord" Caleb prayed in tears. Few years later, Caleb had picked himself up like a hero, he had realized that he had no one that can ever join those broken pieces for him. He gathered his broken heart by himself and moved on. He channeled his energy into his job and engrossed himself in hobbies that help him smile.

Chapter 3

Caleb had vowed never to fall in love with any lady ever again. He had not fully recovered from the pain and shock from his past relationship with Laura. That relationship left him seriously heartbroken but he was doing everything he can to be happy and move on like nothing happened. But one day, something magical happened, Caleb closed from work, there was a certain new female colleague that just joined the company where Caleb worked, her name was Kate. She was very beautiful and there was an instance for a conversation between Caleb and his new colleague. Caleb gave her an audience as Kate wanted Caleb to put her through some work related issues. When they spoke, Kate's gentle nature and soft words melted his heart and slowly broke his walls, Kate seemed to be a very nice person and Caleb felt comfortable telling her anything she wanted to know about the company. From that day, Caleb and Kate got to know each other's name and their respective duties in the company, but they didn't even exchange numbers. They saw each other everyday but no deep conversation.

One day, it was during lunch break, Caleb was on his way to get food, when Kate bumped into him at the canteen, Kate had came to get food too and one thing led to another, Kate ended up sitting close to Caleb at the canteen. Caleb swallowed his saliva continuously and started sweating under air condition. With the look of things, Caleb could tell that he was beginning to fall for Kate but still he was doing everything possible to fight off his feelings. The lunch break ended and everyone went back to their various offices but his thoughts was still glued to her. Caleb was silently going crazy as he kept thinking of what he would do; “What is wrong with me? How can I possibly fall for this new girl after everything I passed through in the hands of Laura. "Kate is as beautiful as Laura and these kind of girls doesn't know what love is, all they care about is money, I can't afford to be used again”, he thought to himself. After much deliberation, Caleb finally decided to shun every thought about Kate and focus on his work. No matter how much he tried to ignore the thought of Kate, he just couldn’t. Caleb was in his middle thirties and obviously needed to be in a serious relationship with a good woman that he could settle down with. It was after the end of another work day. That fate brought Kate and Caleb together as they were paired by the company's managing director on an official assignment and they had to exchange phone numbers and from that day a beautiful friendship began between Kate and Caleb. They started chatting on Whatsapp. Kate would often invite Caleb out but for a while he didn't bite as he wasn't interested in anything then. One warm Saturday morning, Caleb got a call from Kate, she had called to invite him for her upcoming birthday party and to Kate's utmost surprise, Caleb accepted the invitation and promised to try and show up.

They talked for a while about issues related to their company before they bid 'goodbye' to each other and ended the call. The scheduled day for Kate's party finally came and Caleb arrived few hours late. Kate was happy to see him, as the party went on, everyone were having fun except Caleb. He was fighting off his thoughts and feelings for Kate. He noticed that Kate seemed as though she was so into him too, as she was seen smiling at Caleb at any chance she got. Kate's beautiful smiles always melted Caleb's heart. Caleb and Kate were already in love but were hiding under the pretense of friendship. Kate was scared of letting her feelings out because she didn't want to ruin their friendship or be tagged "Cheap and desperate" while Caleb was scared of falling in love and commitment, he felt his feelings for Kate were better left unexpressed and suppressed. The party got more exciting as the celebrant Kate was called upon to show off her dancing skills, everyone was happily staring at the beautiful celebrant as she walked into the dance floor and she started dancing, Caleb’s attention was drawn to her, no doubt Kate was cheerful and very beautiful too, The sight of Kate dancing was angelic and Caleb was mesmerized, his heart raced uncontrollably. There was just something about her that distinguished Kate from other women, she was special. Kate had the fun of her life as she happily danced with most of her friends and colleague. The party lasted for a little longer till it finally came to an end. Everyone took turns to give Kate gifts they came along with, Kate received lots of gifts that day and she was not expecting a gift from Caleb but he managed to surprise her with a lovely gift and Kate was so appreciative.

Chapter 4

After that birthday party Caleb and Kate gradually got more closer, they started visiting each other and going out on dates, occasions, even wedding parties. Whenever they went out together, people always addressed them like they were a couple, Caleb and Kate didn't actually realise that they were dating until the news was circulated among their colleagues that they were in a relationship. And that was when it dawned on Caleb to officially ask Kate out, he had found out that Kate was a good woman with a good heart, Kate didn't hesitate, she accepted to be Caleb's girlfriend and that was how Caleb found himself in a serious relationship despite his vow. Things got even more serious to the extent where Caleb met Kate's parents and Kate also met few of Caleb's close relatives. Their relationship was beautiful and each day they fell in love more with each other.

A year into their relationship, God smiled on Caleb as he got promoted to the post of a Senior Manager, in his place of work, he was entitled to an official car, he became the highest paid staff and he got other mouth watering entitlements. Caleb was so excited and in two years, he became a wealthy man, he could afford a Five rooms duplex and other personal investment on properties. Caleb had observed that Kate was very special, ever since he started seeing Kate, only good things happens to him and all he wanted was to settle down with her, another thing he admired about Kate was the fact that she was a hardworking lady who was doing everything she could to be successful in life and that was a quality they both had in common. She was not interested in Caleb's wealth or how much he had and she doesn't depend on Caleb for anything. Caleb was certain that Kate love him more than life itself, there's no better satisfaction than being financially secured on your own without depending on anyone; Kate had a good job and a side business that she often attend to, during weekends, no wonder she was not depending on Caleb for anything, she hardly get excited about material things, she was contented and successful in her own way, although Caleb always surprises her with lovely and expensive gifts without her demanding. One Sunday evening, Caleb invited Kate out for dinner at a cozy restaurant, they both arrived on time, Caleb was happy to see Kate and they smiled at the sight of each other. "Hey baby, how have you been?" he asked, "I've been good dear, how about you?", she replied and Caleb said "I'm okay!". One look at Kate, Caleb smiled "my love you are looking good" he complimented and Kate smiled, "thanks alot dear" she said. In few minutes they were both seated and they got talking. They ordered food and ate with so much gladness.

After they were done eating, Caleb went on one knee and stared at Kate affectionately as he knelt with a gold engagement ring in his hand. He was truly in love, Caleb took a deep breath and said "Kate, you are a virtuous woman, and I'm so happy you are in my life, but I want you to be my wife, will you marry me?... please marry me" Caleb said calmly, Kate was just staring at him, it was obvious that she was surprised, she didn't see that coming, she and Caleb had dated for 3 years and she never expected that Caleb would ever pop that question, everyone at the restaurant was staring at them speechlessly as they wondered if Kate would accept Caleb's proposal or not. "Kate, you are a priceless jewel and someone I would love to have in my life as a partner, I love you and want you in my life, would you please let me be your husband?" Caleb added, Kate was smiling at the same time, she was in tears, tears of Joy, none of her past relationship had been this fruitful, she was always left heartbroken. Caleb heartfelt marriage proposal was unexpected. Kate was so surprised and she didn't believe their little love story would turn out this way. She kept staring at him and didn't know what to say. "Would you let me be your husband?" Caleb repeated, looking right into her eyes. Kate looked into his eyes and said "YES! I will marry you, Caleb I love you so much!" and then the people who had been staring at them, the whole time, gave them a round of applause. Some of them yelled "congratulations", while some came closer to wish them well. That same evening, they set the date for their wedding and from that day they started making plans for their wedding which was scheduled to take place in two months time.

Kate was the happiest person on earth as she flaunt her engagement ring to her colleagues and close friends, they were so happy for her and they wished for a good man like Caleb who would take them out of singlehood. Kate and Caleb's wedding preparations was at it's full speed, the wedding was to be the biggest wedding of the year. Caleb was a wealthy man and he could afford a big wedding. As Caleb was having the best season of his life, his ex Laura was passing through the worst days of her life, it turned out that Reuben was a married man and when his wife found out about her, she sent thugs to beat the hell out of her and ever since then she had not heard a single word from Reuben, she was sacked from her job, it happened that the Managing Director of the Company where she works was related to Reuben's wife. Laura was more heartbroken when she found out also, that her father had absconded with his lover, a younger woman, leaving her mother heartbroken, the worst was that her father absconded with all her savings that she left in his care.

For the past few weeks, Laura had been everywhere for a job with no luck. Just as life became extremely fulfilling and great for Caleb, life was harsh on Laura and her mother, her father's betrayal made their life worst. They had to move out from the apartment, Reuben got for them to a one room apartment because Reuben's wife had sent her lawyer to throw them out, Reuben was a nobody who was living off his wife's wealth, all the money he spent on Laura and her family was his wife's money and the worst was that Laura was unaware that he was married, the whole time as Reuben's wife and two children based abroad.

Chapter 5

One day, Laura went job hunting and was on her way home but she didn't have enough money to pay for a commercial taxi to take her home. She trekked all the way and was almost approaching home, when she became exhausted and decided to rest. Laura stood on the main road for almost an hour to catch her breath, she leaned on a pole beside the bus stop, unknowingly to her, Caleb droved through that route in order to beat traffic, he was heading to the airport to pick up Kate, who had travelled to Dubai to purchase her wedding gown and other necessary things for their upcoming wedding. As Laura stood there helplessly, Caleb looked through the car window and saw Laura leaning on a pole beside the bus stop.

At first, he thought she wasn't the one but he looked closely only to be fully convinced that she was the one. "Isn't that Laura? What's she doing at the road side" Caleb wondered, he wanted to drive off because of his horrible past with Laura but on a second thought, he looked closely at Laura, she looked quite exhausted. "There's no need to hold on to the past, what has happened has happened" Caleb thought and stopped the car, close to where Laura was standing. "Hey Laura" he called out as soon as he was close enough and Laura stared at him for few seconds before she recognized him. Laura walked closer to Caleb's car and he wind down his car window, so they could see each other clearly, as the car window was tinted, Laura was shocked to the brim and her heart skipped several beats. She stood there lost in thoughts and shock as she said in shame "Caleb is that you?" Caleb ignored the question with a smile and he threw in instead "where are you going to?" "ho..me... home!" She Stammered.

Caleb noticed that Laura was ashamed as she barely looked him in the eyes and she stammered each time she tried to respond to his question. "Come in let me drop you at home" Caleb finally said and Laura entered the car and he drove off. There was a big silence in the car, the sight of Caleb in a cute luxury car, almost gave Laura a heart attack. She wouldn't have believed that Caleb was going to be that successful, although she knew he was hardworking. Laura had thought that he would only be able to earn a few cash to support himself. Never in her dreams did she imagine him with a big luxury car. She was shocked beyond words could say. Laura was quiet but was talking to herself, within she was in deep thought, Caleb brought her into reality when he asked for directions to her house and Laura directed him till they arrived at the gate leading to the one room apartment, she lived with her mother. "Thank you" Laura finally said as she got down from the car. Laura's mother was outside packing up clothes she had spread outside to dry, at the sight of her daughter coming down from a flashy car, she smiled as she had thought the driver was Reuben, maybe they had sorted out their issues, she had thought.

The Flashy car drove off and Laura walked closer to the direction where her mother stood. "Reuben couldn't wait to say hello to me?, didn't you tell him about the insults we received from his silly wife?" Laura's mother said sharply. "Mom, that's not Reuben but Caleb" Laura said calmly. At the mention of "Caleb", Laura's mother lost words and when she got her voice back, she asked. "Caleb owns that huge expensive car?". "Yes Mom, It' looks like Caleb had made it big, he looked very nice, I couldn't believe my sight, when I saw him at the bus stop, Caleb is very rich now" Laura said at once. Laura's mother smiled faintly, and said "If we had known that Reuben was useless, you would had sticked with Caleb but it's not too late, you can skim your way back into his life, did you at least get his phone number". "I managed to get his business card from his car without his knowledge, here it is" Laura said handing over Caleb's business card, Laura's mother smiled and said "you are smart, you are indeed my child" and Laura blushed. "Mom, seeing Caleb again made me realize my mistakes, I shouldn't have left him but I'm not going to make the same mistake again, Caleb is mine and that is why our path crossed again after 5 years, I'm not going to back down, Caleb is my destiny" Laura said smiling faintly. Days later and Laura was still hanging on with her supposed believe of getting back with Caleb, her mother had raised her hopes when she told her that Caleb was still in love with her. "If he didn't love you, he would have not offered to drop you off after everything that happened between you two" Laura's mother had said.

On the other hand, Caleb and Kate will be getting married in four weeks time and Caleb was tremendously happy that he had even forgotten all about meeting Laura again, his thought revolved around his wife to be, Kate, he bought her a new car after she agreed to resign from the Company where they both worked together all these years. It was tough for Caleb to convince Kate to resign but when she finally accepted, Caleb surprised her with a brand new sophisticated car and showered her with lots of expensive gifts. Kate was so appreciative. "My love, you have done enough already, you paid all my expenses for the trip to Dubai and gave me 2 million to shop for my wedding gown and for my parents, and I still have 1 million left from the 2 million and now you bought me this expensive car, oh my love, thank you so much, I love you". "I love you so much, my darling, you deserve it, after our wedding, I'm going to set up a big business for you" Caleb promised and Kate was excited and so appreciative. If only Laura looked beyond Caleb's present situation and accepted him for the hardworking man that he was, if only Laura was contented with the love he had shown her, then she would have been in Kate's place, she would have gotten the lifestyle of comfort, and the plenty money she always dreamed of and also have a man that would love her forever.

It's so sad she allowed her money conscious parents to ruin her life, Laura will be shocked when she finds out about Caleb's upcoming wedding as it was still unknown to her. One night, Laura laid on her bed thinking, she began to regret everything wrong she did to Caleb starting from how she looked down on him and dumped him for Reuben, after everything he had done for her and her family. At that point, she felt like dying, "would Caleb ever take me back after everything I put him through?" She thought. Every scene of her life since the day she met Caleb started replaying in her mind. She felt double pain when she remembered how Caleb got her admitted into the university and shouldered all expenses for 4 years and how he always supported her parents "Caleb really loved me, how could I have made such a big mistake? going back to him now will make me look like a gold-digger but I guess I'll give it a try, I will first plead for his forgiveness and see how everything goes, mom says Caleb is still in love with me that's why he offered to drop me off at home instead of ignoring me" she thought to herself.

Chapter 6

The next day, Laura decided to make a surprise visit at Caleb’s work place, she had Caleb’s business card she stole to guide her. Laura dressed so gorgeously and she set out to Caleb’s place of work. When Laura arrived, she told the company’s receptionist, who she came for and she was told to wait. Laura swallowed her saliva nervously as she waited, as she was not sure if Caleb will be happy to see her. “Sir, a lady is here to see you” the receptionist said, “which lady? What’s her name” Caleb enquired and the receptionist said ”her name is Ms Laura!". At the mention of Laura, Caleb almost had an attack, he was grateful that Kate has resigned. “How would I have explained myself to Kate, I wouldn’t be able to tell her that Laura dumped me after she and her parents milked me dry, it’s so embarrassing” Caleb thought and he turned to the receptionist and said, ”tell Ms Laura that I’m not on seat, I’m beginning to wonder how she knew where I work, please make sure she leaves immediately”. Laura was disappointed when the receptionist told her that Caleb was not on seat. “But you told me, he was available, what’s going on?” Laura said at once, “he is not on seat, if you know him personally, please call him and book an appointment with him" the receptionist concluded and Laura left shattered.

That day wasn’t a pleasant one for Laura because she was feeling different emotions at the same time. She was dying of regret, fear, shame and rage. She wished she could go back in time and do things differently, “Why was I so money conscious, upon all the money Reuben lavished on me, I’m still empty and unhappy, the worst was my useless father took all my savings and absconded with his love, I am beginning to think that my parents are not my biological parents, because no parents will ruin their child’s life like they did to mine, all my friends, most of them, their parents were seriously struggling but they managed to see their children through their university education but mine folded their hands and did nothing, untill Caleb came and did what they couldn’t do, I don’t blame my parents, I blame myself for being a fool and for dancing to their tunes, no doubt that I’m like them, money oriented and greedy, I wanted more money, more expensive gifts, I was not contented with what Caleb was giving me, his sacrifices and his unconditional love, oh God I’m sorry, please forgive me, please Lord” Laura thought as she went back home. Laura decided to call Caleb on the phone, she began to call all the phone numbers printed on Caleb’s business card but he didn’t pick till she called the last phone number and lo and behold, she heard a familiar voice. “Hello, good afternoon, who is on the line” The familiar voice said. Laura didn’t need anyone to tell her who the voice belongs to because she already knew that Caleb was the one talking at the other end of the phone. Laura was speechless but when she realized that Caleb might hang up if she doesn’t speak up, she regained her voice and she said, “Caleb, it’s me, Laura". Caleb lost words and was quiet that Laura almost concluded that he had hanged up but when she looked into her phone screen, she saw the call was still connected, ”Caleb, are you there?” she managed to ask. ”Yes I am, what do you want and how did you get my number?” Caleb threw in immediately. Laura ignored his questions and said, “Caleb, I’m very sorry about everything that I did wrong, I’m sorry for everything I put you through, please forgive me, I beg you”.

For the first time in years, Caleb felt at ease, as he had always expected an apology from Laura all these years, he was glad that she finally apologized, Caleb forgave her immediately and he told her everything was now okay between them. “I heard you came to my office today but I was so mad at you, I drove you home the other day and you barely spoke to me, you didn’t even apologise all through the way to your house, I felt that you were not remorseful after all these years but now that you have realized your mistakes, you are forgiven, let’s talk later, I’m busy right now, please take care and bye” Caleb said and hanged up. From that day, Laura would call him and he would take her calls, they will speak for a while and then hang up. She would send him text messages too. At first, Caleb felt it was nothing to worry about but started feeling otherwise when her messages and calls became too much. Even Kate had become suspicious of him but she would console herself that she was going to be his wife in few days time.

Chapter 7

Unknowingly to Caleb, Laura’s hope of getting back with him had increased each time, Caleb took her calls. Laura tried to schedule a meet-up between them but Caleb was too busy to meet up with her, as he was busy with his upcoming wedding plans. After much attempt to no avail, Laura decided to visit him at his work place again. There’s nothing more shameful than trying to get back with someone you dumped and hurt terribly. One Tuesday afternoon, it was just few days to Kate and Caleb’s wedding. Laura visited Caleb at the office, this time, at the mention of Laura’s name by the Receptionist, Caleb was shocked beyond words because he didn’t see that coming at all. “Send her in” he finally said, Laura’s heart skipped several times when the receptionist told her that Caleb was available and that she could go in.

After about a minute later, Laura walked inside Caleb's office looking enchanting. “How are you Caleb?” she greeted smiling. “I’m fine Laura, please sit” he replied with a faint smile on his face. Laura nervously sat down and she was ashamed to look into his eyes, she couldn’t believe that she will one day go through such stress to get back with Caleb, after she dumped him for Reuben, without looking back. “Honestly, i’m surprised to see you” Caleb said calmly. “Really?, I thought we are now friends and that you have forgiven me” Laura entered calmly. “Yes, I have, this world is a small place, what’s the need to keep grudge against someone, when we all sin against God and he forgives us instantly” Caleb said with a broad smile on his face. And Laura smiled too. “How is your parents?” Caleb asked; “they are fine” Laura replied. “And how is your man, I mean Reuben, are you guys married now or still engaged” Caleb asked; Laura smiled faintly, it was obvious that she was tensed and Caleb figured he went too far with the question, so he tried to ease the tension in the atmosphere. “What would I offer you, do you want tea, coffee or juice?” Caleb entered". Laura choose juice and Caleb went to the fridge in his office and returned with a pack of juice and a glass cup. In few seconds Laura was sipping juice from the glass cup and at the same time, she looked around to admire Caleb’s beautiful office, it was obvious that he was the senior manager of the company, his office was properly decorated and then her eyes went to a portrait of Kate on his desk and when she was about to ask Caleb who was the lady on the photograph, Caleb’s phone rang, as Caleb spoke on the phone, Laura was deep in thought. “I hope Caleb is not in any serious relationship, well if he is, the lady would have to step away, I just want Caleb to let go of the past. He is too good a man for me to lose and I can’t just picture another lady with him, because he is mine" she thought. Laura’s visit didn’t give Caleb the slightest clue that she wanted him back, because he thought, Laura was still with her Reuben.

After a little while of being on a call, Caleb ended the call and apologized to Laura for the interruption. Laura had not revealed her reason for her visit yet and she was feeling ashamed to open up. In no time, Laura was almost done with her drink and Caleb asked her if she wanted to have something else or more drinks. “I can call the canteen to get us a nice meal or what do you say?” Caleb suggested but Laura insisted that she was okay, she laid back on her sit and stared at Caleb who wondered what was going on in her mind, everywhere was silent for a while before Laura broke the silence, she swallowed her shame. “Caleb, I still love you, please take me back, I promise, I will never hurt you, ever again” she said calmly. Caleb smiled and shook his head, he was surprised, he never saw that coming, Caleb was mute for a while because he didn’t know what to say. “Please say something, you told me, you have forgiven me, please take me back, Caleb I love you so much” Laura repeated looking into his eyes and at that point, she broke down in tears. “Yes I have forgiven you but please don’t make me regret my decision, because you don’t deserve my forgiveness, it’s now that you had come to realize that you love me? What happened to that your Reuben that you fell in love with, Now I see why you are pestering me with too many phone calls and visits, Laura, I once loved you so much, you were my life and my everything, I needed you, I adored you, I looked up to you to fill the void my mother’s sudden death created, you were the reason I worked harder and you were someone I would do anything for, you left me when I needed you most, you walked away without looking back, you replaced me when I had only you. Laura you hurt me so much, I felt used, I felt like dying, your parents make a joke out of my pain, they rubbed my pain to my face and told me countlessly that you couldn’t be with me because I’m not as wealthy as Reuben, do you remember when I proposed to you, you turned me down and insulted me, I wanted to love you forever. We would have been happily married now with lovely kids, all the feelings I had for you died when you left. I would appreciate it if you don’t call or text me again. Please don’t you ever come to my office ever again, I don’t want to see you, I can see you want to take advantage of my kindness again, please leave and never come back, I love someone else now and I’m never getting back with you ever again" Caleb said at once and Laura stood up from where she sat immediately and left quietly.

When Laura left, Caleb became emotional and he wept, he reminisced on the past and how much he loved Laura before she misbehaved and dumped him for Reuben. As Caleb was in tears, he wondered why he was crying. ”Do I still care about that heartless Laura, no I can’t possibly feel anything for her, I love my Kate, she is special and in few days, she will become my wife” Caleb told himself.

Chapter 8

Laura cried bitterly throughout the ride home and felt so ashamed of herself for coming back to Caleb after everything that she had put him through. After a short while, Laura arrived at her house and ran inside because her eyes were red and swollen. The shame and pain was too much for her to bear, the worst was that her mother was not around to console her. She cried and cried with no one to console her. Laura felt bad and at the same time she was dying of regret and shame. Caleb’s harsh words kept replaying on her mind, she felt shattered and at same time she was numb, heartbroken and weak. For the past few days, she had fantasized about getting back with Caleb. “I wish I never left Caleb, I wish I never met Reuben, I wished I never allowed my parents to mislead me, oh I wish I could revive the love that Caleb once had for me” She thought still in tears. Laura cried intensely until she couldn’t cry anymore. With everything that was going on in Laura’s life, she began to act crazy, she had lost hope in ever finding a good job and in finding a good man like Caleb.

Few days after, the unexpected happened one Friday morning when Laura left the house without informing her mother, she was wandering around the main road in deep thoughts, she was about to cross the road when a new sophisticated car knocked her down, she passed out immediately and the young lady who was actually driving the sophisticated car rushed out for her rescue, immediately crowd gathered around. Laura was rushed down to the nearest hospital. You won’t believe that the young lady who ran Laura over was no one but Kate, Caleb’s wife to be and the sophisticated car was the new car Caleb had bought for her. Their wedding was scheduled to happen the next day and now look, the worst happened. Kate was in tears and scared, she kept replaying how the accident happened, Laura’s mother was not helping matter as she involved the police immediately. “All this Rich people, once they are inside their big cars, they don’t care about the poor people who are on foot, look at what she had done to my daughter, she must pay” Laura’s mother had told the police officer that she brought along to the hospital.

“Officer is not intentional, this lady walked right into the road without looking, I tried my best officer, it would had been worst” Kate explained, the police officer who noticed that Kate was nervous, shaky and in tears, decided to seize the opportunity to extort money from her. “Madam, you will have to come with me to the station, to write your statement” The police officer said at once. ”For what?, why?, when I did nothing wrong, this lady walked into a moving car, I also rushed her down here, do you know what this had caused me?, do you know how scared I was when it happened?, I don’t want all these drama, tomorrow is my wedding and I pray she recovers quickly” Kate said innocently but the Police officer insisted on taking her to the station and there Kate called Caleb, who ran to the hospital immediately.

When Caleb arrived the hospital, he hugged and kissed Kate, immediately he saw how nervous and shaky she was. He met with the police officer, as soon as the police officer saw him, the corrupt officer became scared. “I only wanted her to write her statement, nothing else” The police officer said nervously, ”she can write her statement here, what’s the need of dragging her to the station, when she had not committed any crime, the victim walked into the road without looking” Caleb said at once; “What’s going on here?" Laura’s mother entered immediately she walked into the scene, she was returning from the emergency ward. “My daughter is fighting for her life, all thanks to you” Laura’s mother added facing Kate, she then turned around, one good stare at Caleb, she recognized him immediately. “Ca.. Caleb” she stammered. Kate was shocked, she stared in confusion while Caleb wondered what brought Laura’s mother to the hospital. “This is the Victim’s mother” the police officer said sharply and Caleb was stunned, he knew Laura was an only child, and immediately he analysed, he knew if Laura’s mother was the “Victim’s mother”, then the Victim would be “Laura”. “Is Laura okay?” Caleb threw in as Kate was surprised, she wondered what was going on and how did Caleb know the name of the lady she knocked down. “She is fighting for her life, all thanks to this lady” Laura’s mother entered in tears, Caleb was devastated, he never saw that coming, how could he had imagined that something like that would ever happen. Caleb wondered how he would explain the situation to Kate. “My fiancee, knocked down my ex, few hours to our wedding, this is bad, this is very bad” he thought.

When he comported himself he explained everything to Kate and she felt shattered. With the way Caleb was handling the situation, Kate became very bothered. She wondered if Caleb was still in love with his ex, Laura. Caleb and Kate were at the hospital, the whole day and Kate wondered if Caleb had forgotten about their wedding that was scheduled to happen the next day. With the look of things, all that was on Caleb’s mind was Laura, and Kate felt used and dejected despite sitting so close with Caleb at the hospital’s waiting room. Few hours later, Caleb brighten up immediately the doctor announced that Laura was out of danger. Kate who was dying of jealousy, left the hospital in tears. She wondered what will become of her life, if Caleb decide to leave her and return to Laura. When Caleb’s attention was drawn to Kate, he looked everywhere at the hospital for her, when he couldn’t find Kate, he called her cellphone and Kate picked up immediately but she was brief, she told Caleb that she had left, Caleb became worried, he wondered why Kate left without him, when Caleb looked at the time, it was 4pm, he almost had heart attack when he remembered his wedding and then understood why Kate was upset. He left the hospital for Kate’s house but he was disappointed when he met her absent. Kate’s parents were home and he greeted them before he inquired about Kate. “Kate had not returned since morning, she told us this morning that she was meeting up with the wedding planner, we had thought you guys were together, perfecting plans for your big day” Kate’s mother said calmly and Caleb was in disarray, he had to come out plain, he told the aged couple everything that happened. “I believe Kate is upset with me, because she left the hospital without me and when I called her, she sounded so cold, I thought she was home and I came to explain myself” Caleb said calmly. Kate’s parents were wonderful parents, no doubt they had also taken Caleb to be their son and they appreciated his sincerity. “Do you still love your ex?” Kate’s father asked; “No sir, my heart beats only for Kate, I love Kate so much and no one else, my ex is in the past and all the love I invested on my ex was WASTED and the love had died a natural death, I only felt concerned because come what may, she still remain someone I know and I will never wish her evil” Caleb explained and Kate’s parents were pleased with Caleb’s response.

Chapter 9

The misunderstanding between Kate and Caleb was cleared but their wedding was rescheduled to happen, in four weeks time. The Injury Laura sustained from the accident was minor, she was discharged from the hospital some days after and of course, Kate and Caleb came to take her home after they cleared the hospital bill. Laura felt shattered when she discovered that the lady that ran her over with her car was Caleb's fiancee, she remembered, that she had seen her portrait in Caleb's office, Laura was devastated but she somehow comported herself. She had noticed that Kate was a good person, her mother had told her that Kate always visited her, all through her stay in the hospital, at the time they had no clue who she was. Life is a mystery and only God knows why somethings happen. Kate and Caleb gladly took Laura and her mother home. From that day a strange friendship sprouted between them.

One-day, Caleb and Kate visited Laura and her mother, they came to invite them for their upcoming wedding. Laura shivered at the revelation that Caleb was getting married, it was just obvious that she had lost Caleb forever but she consoled herself with the fact that Kate was nice and she would make Caleb happy. Laura and her mother agreed to show up at the wedding. Caleb was being careful with Laura, he was not so generous to her as he used to be but Kate had a heart of Gold, Kate had promised to help Laura get a good Job and she was so happy. Just 3 days to the scheduled wedding, Laura's mother was able to convince Laura to disrupt Caleb's wedding. "A fellow woman like yourself, snatched Caleb from you, she knocked you down with her car, and now she had promised to get you a job, just to get you off Caleb, and you are not going to do anything about it?" Laura's mother had told her. "But mom, Kate seems like a nice person, she deserves Caleb and she loves him so much, I saw it in her eyes" Laura replied. "Kate is just pretending to be nice, I know within her, she would call you a big fool for losing a good man like Caleb, you better wake up, all you need to do is stop the wedding and Caleb would return to you" Laura's mother said sharply and when Laura gave it a deep thought, she decided to follow her mother's advice.

The scheduled day for the wedding came and Laura had no confusion on what to do. "I must disrupt Caleb's wedding, I love him, he belongs to me", she had told herself. She was gorgeously dressed for the occasion and her mother decided to sit back at home, since her daughter was going to disrupt the wedding after all. She had ignited more fire of revenge in her daughter before she left and Laura was charged for her mission. In no time Laura arrived at the church looking enchanting. She gently walked inside the church auditorium and quietly took her seat. She came just at the right time, as Caleb and Kate were about taking their vows and it was almost time for the pastor to ask that dreadful question "who among you, doesn't want this couple to be join together?, speak now or forever remain silent". Deep down in Laura’s heart, she felt broken and sad about what she intended to do to Caleb. “Does Caleb deserve this? He forgave me after everything I did to him, Kate didn't snatch him from me, I was stupid and foolish to let a good man like Caleb slip out of my hands, he loved me so much but I was so money conscious and my parents are not good people too, they led me astray, now I see why my parents never made any progress in their life" she thought sadly. The sad reality of Laura's life suddenly dawned on her at that moment but she tried to maintain a positive outlook at the wedding.

Kate and Caleb finally exchanged their wedding vows and were pronounced husband and wife by the priest. The applause by other guests present at the church wedding brought Laura back to reality. She smiled faintly as Caleb kissed Kate. Hot tears rolled down from her cheek. She wished she did things differently, she wished she could turn back the hands of time. The church wedding ended and everyone headed to the reception venue. While Laura headed back home in tears.

Chapter 10

Laura arrived home crying bitterly like someone who had lost a loved one. Her mother wondered what had went wrong; "Laura dear, why are you crying? Were you able to stop the wedding?" Her mother asked. Laura didn't utter a word, she was still in tears but her mother repeated her questions. "I don't know why I'm so unfortunate, I lost a good man like Caleb and fell into the trap of a deceitful Married man who was living off his wife, all because Reuben had money, I left Caleb without thinking, a good man who did what my own parents couldn't do for me, mom, I'm so unfortunate to have you and your husband as my parents, you both have ruined my life, your husband absconded with my savings and left you for a younger woman and you did nothing about it but Caleb that I dumped for another man after everything he had done for us, he still turned around to forgive me and you want me to stop his wedding, you and father are one of a kind, you both are wicked, greedy and unfit to be called parents" Laura entered in tears.

Laura's mother was speechless, she burst into tears and tried to console her daughter but Laura ignored her and walked away. At the wedding reception venue, Kate and Caleb were really having fun, everyone was happily dancing. All the guests attention were drawn to the lovely couple, The cheerful guests showered them with good wishes and lots of wedding presents. After the wedding, Kate and Caleb travelled outside the country for their honey moon. Caleb and Kate were made for each other as they were always happy together. Kate fell pregnant immediately they returned from their honey moon and in few months time, she delivered a set of twins, a boy and a girl. Caleb was the happiest man in the world, he showed Kate so much love and affection. Kate did keep to her word, she got Laura a good Job with a good pay and she was so excited and grateful. She couldn't stop thanking Kate and Caleb for their help and support. Laura started her life afresh and this time she was going to make her own decisions and she wasn't going to allow her mother meddle in the affairs of her life. One Monday morning, Laura had left for work when her run away Father returned. He was looking pale and sickly, he was diagnosed with cancer of the groin, he had spent all the money he stole from his daughter for Chemotherapy but still he wasn't improving, the worst was that the younger woman he left his family for, had abandoned him too. Laura's mother asked him to leave and never return but he was adamant and insisted on waiting till Laura returns. Will Laura forgive his father? That would be a story for another day! When some one helps you and they're struggling too, that's not help, that's love. Value such love. To love a wrong person is a total waste of time.

Sometimes we give love to the wrong person; we sit and wonder, how we have given love to a wrong person because they don't deserve it but the thing is, you shouldn't think about it that way. Think of the fact that you were able to give love, because if you are able to give love, it means you have love (that's God) inside you. Love is the same thing with kindness, with honesty, with your ability to care about people or someone. Don't focus on the way people abuse the love you have for them, focus on the fact that you have love within and being good makes you who you are, it makes you a good person, with a beautiful and kind soul. Karma comes after everyone eventually, you can't get away with screwing people over your whole life, what goes around, comes around, that's how it works. Sooner or later, the universe will serve you the revenge that you deserve. So Be good. A good man is not a man who is Rich or handsome, a good man is a man who values and support his woman. Don't forget about the people who help you become successful. Appreciate them, don't be ungrateful.


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