Lonely soul2022/07/15 20:32

a poem about a girl who has been through the pains of love but cannot share


Am scared

I don't know what to think

To do

I feel like something is lodged in my throat

I try to speak

But am scared

Cause my words only draw me deeper into the abyss I seek redemption from

I don't know if I tell you what it is, this thing lodged in my throat, if you would leave too

As I walked out

it was the last time I heard "I Love you"

from the man who brought me into this world

I felt it then, that thing lodged in my throat

but I didn't really understand why

you'd leave

if I told you what it was.

you'd never look back

if I got it out

Things have never been different

why should it now

I watch you from afar

Never to hear your voice again

to feel your touch again.

It was short but it was bliss while it lasted

Why should it be different?

I expected you would leave before it happened

I just wasn't ready for how painful it felt

When you walk out and never look back

like "He" did

or walked out


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