Affiliate Marketing 10000 students were instructed by the founder of Learninspire Aadil Siddiqui.

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Everyone has a desire in life that they wish to realise; while some fail and blend in, others refuse to give up and persistently pursue their objective. The founder of Learninspire, Aadil Siddiqui, has a different perspective.

Affiliate Marketing 10000 students were instructed by the founder of Learninspire Aadil Siddiqui.

Everyone has a desire in life that they wish to realise. While some people fail to realise their dreams and blend in with the crowd, others refuse to give up and continue working toward their objective. Aadil Siddiqui, the creator of Learninspire, offers a different perspective.

This sheep, who was previously a member of the flock, is now in charge of a pack of wolves and is significantly contributing to India's development by giving young people there the chance to upskill.

From a young age, Aadil Siddiqui had a natural curiosity. He was one of the select few who would accept an opportunity only out of the desire to learn something. He has always had a passion for business and wanted to start his own enterprise. Academically, he followed a routine cycle that involved finishing high school and then enrolling in second year at a university in Hyderabad. His time in college was helpful in his understanding of corporate management theory. Later, he worked as a corporate executive for a global corporation in Noida. He was just above the majority of his coworkers, but he was aware that he could and should be doing more. He was conversing with his seniors that moving up the corporate ladder would require an enormous amount of work and a protracted period of time, with no guarantee that he would ever achieve the job he sought. He came to the realisation that this is not what he wants out of life, and he wanted to rise to the top more quickly, even if it required more work.

He was introduced to affiliate marketing by a classmate who also highlighted why it was a quicker and wiser choice. Being an opportunity seeker, Aadil Siddiqui joined his colleague without any reservations. He laboured with pure concentration and passion as he slowly and steadily learned about the possibility of this vast ocean of options. His desire to start his own business and his vision to create something from nothing were rekindled by affiliate marketing. For a while, he did both his job and his work as an affiliate marketer, and he gave both tasks his whole attention. He quickly came to the conclusion that the affiliate marketing programme motivated him more, and he wanted to devote more time to it. As a result, he left his job.

He began by working as an affiliate marketer for a multinational corporation, which helped him understand the fundamentals of this business as well as selling and marketing strategies. Even though he was at that point earning a great income, his patriotic spirit compelled him to take action for his own nation. His academic background and strong marketing experience allowed him to recognise the enormous unrealized potential in India. He sought to create a suitable training programme and structure for the Indian populace. Aadil Siddiqui made the decision to enter the EdTech sector with the goal of empowering young people in India and preparing them for the modern world. Although EdTech is not a novel idea, he understood working with an affiliate marketing scheme may be quite beneficial.

Aadil Siddiqui recognised that he would struggle to realise his goals on his alone and that he would need a strong team to get things started. He therefore discussed his thoughts with his dear friends kuldeep patidar and bishan, who were similarly enthusiastic to learn about this chance and readily agreed to take part in it. As a result, "Learninspire foundation"'s was established.

With the assistance of industry professionals, they created excellent online courses that were appropriate for Indian cities outside of the metro areas, such as tier 2 and tier 3 cities. The programmes were designed with the goal of educating Indian youngsters in all aspects of contemporary skills, including spoken English, digital marketing, Instagram marketing, and many more. The goal is to develop, support, and teach a large number of digital entrepreneurs who would later aid in actions aimed at improving the country.

This organisation has been operating for more than a year since its founding on August 5th, 2021. They have accomplished things over the past year that most Indian start-ups can only hope to. More than 10,000 students have enrolled in classes and improved their skills. As of now, they have gradually made their way to all of India's major cities as well as tier-2 and tier-3 cities and towns. They have also given their affiliates more than 40 lakh. In the next six months, they want to expand their technical staff from 10 to 20 people. The team's goal is to acquire 1000 affiliates by the end of the year, and thanks to the team's extreme passion and dedication, this objective is quite realistic.


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