Gender equality

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TITLE: Equity, not equality

Gender equality?

In our forefathers time,

Everyone stayed in his or her place.

A boy was a boy, and a girl, a girl.

Look at us now.

It has turned to be a gospel

Being spread left, right and center;

That both boy and girl child are equal.

Yes they are of different sexes,

Beautifully and wonderfully created by God.

But do we really need gender equality,

If it is going to create toxic feminity and masculinity in our midst?

How is it gender equality,

When a rape case is not seen as one

Unless it involves the girl child?

When we are busy empowering a girl child,

Yet the boy child is left in the dark

When,the most successful CEO,must be a man

Each gender needs fairness

A man need not to be emotional, cause he's macho,

Shouldn't sweep a rape case under the rug, just to deny him justice.

Don't judge biasedly to favour the female gender

She isn't always right, coz she's the weaker vessel

No, the male isn't always wrong,coz he's strong fisted

So,gender equity, not equality

©Phydilia ft Annie writes


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