I don't know how to express love

Vaishnav Bhosale2022/07/20 05:14

I don't know how to express love,

I'll keep thinking about you

I'll silently pray for you

No matter whatever you say,

I'll obey for you.

I'll tell you many stupid things,

I'll text you if you're down,

I'll try to make you laugh

To make you get rid of this frown.

I'll tell you things that probably won't make sense,

I'll always stand by your side just as your defence.

My ways to express love would be unfamiliar,

But I swear my love for you is immense.

I can't act like others,

I don't know how to express,

But if you ask me to

I'll do that too nevertheless.

I am bad at starting conversation,

I mess with all my decisions

But if I comit any mistake,

Don't point the mistake but my intention.

I will be spamming one day

And saying nothing at all the other,

Because I'm afraid if I annoy you,

What if you'll be bothered.

At times I'll ask myself

If I should text you or not,

But sometimes I'll spam messages,

I often do this a lot.

I'll expect you to tell me

About your day everyday,

But I hesitate to ask you,

What if you denided to say?

I have many such doubts,

But I don't ask you

Because I'm afraid

What if you claim it stupid too.

I won't tell you soon

But I'll keep you all above,

I'm sorry, I'll often mess it up

Because, I don't know how to express love.


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