Master Asher

Chapter 1 - Prologue

Dora2022/07/14 07:38

As I sat there reading a book because it was so dark outside, I couldn't help but feel relieved that my annoying sister Lia wouldn't be bothering me now that she was away at a camp having fun by herself.

I had been sitting there and thoroughly enjoying myself as I read my book when all of a sudden, lightning and thunder started to strike and it began to pour. I can't help but laugh because I know that no matter where my sister was, she was covered in moisture.

I was so worn out that all I wanted to do was lie down and get some rest. Just as I was about to doze off, I heard a knock on the door. I got up and looked at the time, and saw that it was exactly 11 o'clock at night. I wondered who could possibly be knocking at this hour.

I stood up and started walking toward the door when I noticed my sister pounding so loudly on it. I hurriedly opened it, and when she came in, she was hacking up blood from her mouth. I became frightened, and I tried to call 911, but the phone was yanked out of my hand by my sister, who was staring at me.

What the hell happened, sister? I worked myself up into a rage and immediately began to yell at her.

She comforted me while she spoke...

Listen to me Victoria, there's something important I need to discuss with you, but please understand that I don't have much time...

My heart was pounding so hard, and I couldn't help but look at her as I asked what she wanted to tell me and why she was bleeding.

Victories, listen to what I have to say, even though she has blood on her out i could still hear her.

There is something terrible going on, but I need you to promise that if you ever see me, you will make sure that I am dead...

I started to get confused as you continued to explain what was going on because I wasn't understanding any of it, and I was so perplexed...

Do understand that you are not allowed to speak to any of the students who went on the camping trip? Something bad had happen I though I could have made it but I wasn't fast please promise me when next you see me do all you have and kill me…

I was now confuse and I felt like crying, I was not getting what she was saying and I could not understand anything..

I notice her acting strange and I became afaird…

When I am not in the house, Victoria, please keep the door locked and do not answer the door if I knock.

I apologize for being like such a jerk to you and assure you that I will never stop loving you.

My chest was pounding so hard, and she appeared to be choking on the blood that was coming out of her lips. Her physical self started behaving in a peculiar manner, and she headed toward the front door...

I started yelling for her, but she did not seem to hear me. I am aware that my sister is a dickhead, but it kills me to see her in this condition.

She walked out of the room and yelled through the door at me to lock it, which I did..

The fact that each house in our community is quite separated from the others is one of the things I despise most about it...

I immediately ran to get my phone and dialed the emergency number. Shortly thereafter, I heard what sounded like someone body bones was breaking outside the door. When the police answer, I told them something was wrong and asked them to come to my house. In response, they told me to remain calm, that they are on their way.

I walked slowly to the door after the sound had stopped, and when I got closer, I saw the body of my sister standing up. The door was still lock, and I stood there calling her name, but she did not respond. I became scared, and I called her name once more, but she did not respond. Just as I was about to call her one more time, I heard her say to me.

I beg you, Victory, to please open the door for me. I am terrified.

I also felt alarmed and began to make my way toward the door, but I stopped when I saw that she was standing still. I recalled what she had said, which was to under no circumstances open the door...

As I moved around while standing, I heard her voice once more...

Please, sister, open the door for me; I'm freezing...

I began sobbing since I had no idea what was going on, I remained still, and soon after, her voice grew increasingly loud.

Open the door.. She turned around and was going to run at me, but she was forced to retreat because the door was locked. She then began pounding violently on the door before stopping and speaking.

I'm starving; could you kindly let me in?

I started praying that the cops would arrive on time since I have no idea what the freaking fuck is wrong with my sister. I started praying for the cops to arrive on time.

Perhaps she is on drugs; I have no way of knowing; yet, if I had to foresee all of this, I would suggest that it is more than drugs.

The moment she lifted her head and looked at me, I noticed that there was something unusual about her eyes. My heart began to race. It was very different from the way my eyes normally see things. The manner that she looked at me gave me the impression that I was the target of her attention.

After we had looked at each other for a considerable amount of time, I noticed that she had begun to turn around and walk away. I started crying and pleading with her not to leave, but she continued walking away, and before I knew it, she was gone.

She was ok when she was heading to camp, but now she is simply like someone I don't know. Soon the police arrived, but I was just so shocked at what had happened that I did not know what the heck had happened.