Why I do not sit like a lady on a Bike

Essie2022/07/13 05:16

My first time on a bike, I could be remembering well, maybe not. How can I even forget that day when I got myself thrown down like a sack of normal potatoes. Well, I was weaving my way back home from a primary school I attended when I met this friend of mine on a bike(he owned it) and he offered to give me a hitchhike. Who was I to refuse? Imagine enjoying a bike ride for the first time, where else would I get this chance for a free ride? By the way, motorbikes were then something new and exciting. The home wasn’t so far from where I was, but I had always wanted to ride on one. I immediately felt joy, and held my head up in the sky knowing I was going to be seen on a bike, my mind needed this awesome bad, as much as my friend did about helping me reach home faster. Okay, he stops to let me sit but there is this one thing I wish I never did; sit on the bike as a lady should. Feeling that my sitting was sufficient enough for him to ride, he starts the bike, the momentum with which I reached on the ground was unknown to me. I was on the ground squatting like a frog out of the water, and for the first time, I felt that lingering pain of having hit my behind so hard, as how I felt when mum gave me a thrash for doing the dishes so late. I had this stupid, silly and animal feeling, it could not be compared to how I felt when I was bullied at school for my height. So, this guy laughs at me so hard, something that made me feel twice about sitting on his monster bike again, noticing my response to his hard felt laugh, he told me to sit tight, and I climbed, I needed to enjoy the ride in a more decent way. Not wanting the nonsense of a second fall, I sat like a man, held on to his waist so tight and we flew off. I use bikes today, but always sitting like a man and holding the behind iron bar so tight to avoid a fall, man! You wouldn’t want to see yourself left behind after the bike starts, this thought lingers in my mind every time I am to board a bike.


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