Healthy Love

NotesbyTiana2022/07/12 16:55

I want to be able to Love you without looking stupid

I want to love you with every breath I take and every part of me

I want to love you in the healthy type of way

I want to love you without reasons, I want everything to flow in naturally

I want to love you in every kind of way

I want to love you in a way I don't have to be worried

I want my love for you to come with peace

I want that kind of love where I can show you off without feeling dumb

Where you can be wallpaper, my lock screen and the only chat I pin

I want to write you epistles to tell you how much I love you and to tell you how amazing you are and how loving you is one of the best decision I've ever made

I'll send love messages to your email, I'll buy you gifts, I'll be the one person you go to for everything

I'll love you in a way that brings you peace

I'll be patient with you, I'll understand you

I'll make you laugh on days where it's the hardest for you

I want the kind of love when you're at your lowest all you'll say is I need my baby 🥺

I want to take pictures of you without you noticing

I want to make goofy videos you

I want to cook you your favorite meal while wearing your sweatshirt

I'll pray for you, we'll pray together

Lay on my stomach after a stressful day so I'll rub your head along with thousand of kisses

I want to do all these with someone....

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