Thebeezybee2022/07/12 12:25

They are like dews,

whetting the appetite of my heart,

Making me smile and laugh,

I am glad that I have them.

They came in phases of my life

a baby, a teenager, a young adult and as an adult.

I remember

Looking into my mother's eyes

as she sings and gives me my bath,

Running out of the room at the sound of 'Daddy is home'

Running into his arms as he lifts me up,

How I felt I could touch the sky.

Watching mummy come home with other babies,

And the house smelling of new born baby,

Watching my father and mother eating together,

As he briefly chews a chunk of meat and gives me to eat.

Listening and laughing to the funny stories told by my Dad and Mum.

Eating with my siblings and leaving few spoonfuls for the youngest,

Rushing off to school before the bell is rung,

Singing the National anthem so loudly even when I missed some lines,

Walking Back home from school, with classmates and schoolmates,

Enjoying unending conversation

Laughing, teasing and running.

Playing and running in the rain with other kids in the neighborhood,

Running errands for the elderly,

Cooking meals with sand and leaves in tins and crown covers,

That we never get to eat.

The female children carrying dolls on their backs acting 'mother and child',

And the male children playing football made from torn plastic bags or balloons.

Walking my friend home from my place,

Then she walks me back,

I walk her back and she did same,

Stopping at place laughing so hard

Saying 'goodbye' and parting ways finally.

Running home to show my parents my grades,

Smiling as Daddy says, 'I will get you a gift'.

Smiling when I wear my new dress and I am told, "Your dress is beautiful".

Trying to hide my tooth that pulled out,

Far away, so the red-necked lizard won't see it,

All because I wanted to grow my complete set of teeth.

Visiting grandma in the village,

Enjoying her delicacies prepared with special ingredients.

Giving and sharing meals and gifts with friends, relatives and other neighbours,

Especially during festivities.

Leaving home after school,

Working to make a living,

Wishing that Mondays were out of the calendar because it's always a busy day,

Laughing with colleagues at break time,

Celebrating team success.

Closing my eyes at my first kiss,

Saying "yes I do" to the Love of my life,

And bringing forth my own children to this world.

Now, as I watch children run around me,

I remember that I did same as a child.

I smile and say to myself 'Beautiful memories'.

I don't just want to have them,

I want others to have them about me,

and even when I am gone,

The world will say,

"She left us with Beautiful memories".


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