Day of Boxing

Noahstanleyehd2022/07/11 11:27
Day of Boxing

In a boxing match,

Two boxers are fighting

With each wanting to win. 

With their fight, 

People die. Their corps are seen

Scattered. They are off both civilian 

and military. 

Blow after blow is landed,

Manoeuvre after manoeuvre is performed

Their drive to win,

Ends up inflicting injuries to their bodies. 

Widows are created and orphans are made. 

Siblings are lost and civilians slaughtered like animals. 

In the end, one gives in

There is a victor.

But at what cost did this victory occur? 

How many are left homeless?

How many are killed?

How many lose their loved ones?

But to the head, 

The prize is wonderful. Pride has been 

asserted at the cost of human lives. 


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