Essential Fantasy Premier League Football tips for the new season 2022/2023

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Tips that will help you get the most points from your squad through out the season

Essential Fantasy Premier League Football tips for the new season 2022/2023

The start of the new Premier League season is fast approaching and excitement is building for a new season of fantasy football. Fantasy Premier League (FPL) is undoubtedly the most popular fantasy football game available online and offers users the chance to battle it out with their friends and rivals across the globe. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a beginner just starting to get to grips with the game, there are several things that you need to know ahead of the new campaign.

The aim of Fantasy Premier League is to accumulate as many points as possible across the entire season. From your squad of fifteen players, you must select a starting eleven for each Gameweek and they will receive points based on their performance in each fixture. You can play around with different formations although there must always be one playing goalkeeper, a minimum of three defenders and a minimum of one forward. It is also important to arrange the order of your substitutes' bench, as the game will automatically substitute a player if one of your starting team players doesn't play in the Gameweek. It is critical to wisely choose a captain and vice-captain before each Gameweek. The captain of your team will receive double the number of points, while the vice-captain is a backup choice in case your original selection doesn't play.

There is no need to own two expensive goalkeepers as only one of your two goalkeepers will be able to play each week, aim for your regular starter to be a top-quality player and ensure your backup is one of the cheapest among goalkeepers. Always have a strong bench by ensuring that you have at least two decent players on your bench, goalkeeper aside. There will be times when members of your starting eleven are unexpectedly injured or dropped, so it's essential to have players in reserve that you can be confident will be automatically selected to replace the initial player selected but did not play.

Try to beat a price rise since after each Gameweek, certain player prices will increase or decrease depending on their popularity among the community, related to transfer activity. If you're certain you want a player who is ready for their next game, it's best to make the transfer early to avoid them going up in price and thus eating away at your fantasy budget.

Remember to leave transfers as well as team changes as long as possible. This allows for team updates from managers in press conferences and gives you a clearer idea of which players from your team, or those that you plan to transfer in, will be playing or not. Please take note of bargain players especially the first few Gameweek since it will become clearer who's starting, and who's in form, in the Premier League. It is also useful to know who takes free kicks and penalties in the Premier League.

Captain picks are vital in this fun game. Their score will be doubled so be sure to always select quality players with easy fixtures. Finally, use your wildcard wisely since there may be a temptation may be to activate it straight away, potentially after a disappointing first week. Don't waste the chance to use all chips available, ensure that you use them sparingly.

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