Pain in Forgetting

Genmar Quijoy2022/12/21 04:26
Pain in Forgetting

thou art a fair maiden

with shimmering smile and bright abode,

shall i compare thee to diamond?

thou hast the splendid walk and life.

my keen eyes are on thy for thou to fall.

i got this appetency of love like hell,

since somebody went abroad to me.

perchance, i plight thou shall hast fine time.

thou art snout-fair wonder-wench,

still i beef-witted clodpoll.

i shall degrade myself for thou like a

man-at-arms failed to protect thy nation.

my sword is as dull as the dying rock;

armor not made of brilliant titanium;

shield made of weak woods from evergreen land.

thy highness, i am not armipotent enow.

ifsoever thou find thy prince charming on a horse,

i shall burn the memories of the past

and live the present with joyance and laughters

without thou standing in the future.

though 'tis a sore immedicable ache by a bane love,

wherefore thou shall stop me from reverie?

thou hast unforgettable image briskly running in my mind,

i shan't wish whilst shooting star came across,

it seems beyond my expectations.

thou leave me crestfallen.


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