My sarcophagus

Tazix2022/07/11 05:53

Beautiful and bold I'm captivating, I leave you awestruck, but like pandoras box I lock in all sorts of fucked up. Depression and its mission the sarcophagus designed by Lugubrious her mission is to leave us isolated, so we only feel melancholy. DISMAL is are only prospective, while Distracted and deceived are loved ones for society has forced us to fear what will happen if others only knew just how we feel. So we lie and force a smile an tell others just how fine we are simultaneously we are dying on the inside, grief stricken when eyes open while enhauling are first breath of each and every day, so we silently pray every day that today will be the day, sick of being to tired, sicked by this depression we feel there is only one solution, so this is what we pray to day be the day please let me go take we away death I beg thee I may not be worth a damn but please please come for me today please come and take me away. So I may not have to feel this way

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