The Gemini (Love beaten)

Deep.LMF2022/07/10 09:01

The Gemini and Pisces sad love story fades away with the morning dew.

The Gemini (Love beaten)


Yes they say "love fought for beautifies its existence".

But that was not a true scenario for the Gemini loving the silent Pisces.

Too many spoken words in her silent pretty soul.

She felt too comfortable with the wicket Gemini.

He was a broke atheist in a rich congregation of silent admirers.

Moreover Her silence broke his gentle Gemini heart.

It is true out of doubts best, evil and/or selfish thoughts are born.

Ugly thoughts pilled up in his selfish skeptical mind filled with rivers of unspoken love poems.

Out of his dying love to be with the silent Pisces geared anxiety which wraps him up in a cloaked dark corner.

She was quietly endowed but never did she ask the inferior Mr Gemini to be endowed.

And there goes the ultimate spark of suspicions in his perverse mind.

In his mind the silent Pisces was " truly a diversity of men pool in a silent mode.

The imperfect Gemini was at the bright side of loving her but chose to be found in a cloaked dark corner of believes.

His impatient being grew uncomfortable and set for a draw of the ace card in the game.

He did teasing and testing her loyalty and the pretty quiet Pisces quietly fade away with the week morning dew.

Mr Gemini broke her heart by knowing the truth about her loyalty in their love life she was into many but being a pretty pretender, made it hard to see.

Know who you love. Only true lovers can fight for their spouse even if they are slipping away.


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