Almost lover

Bahaa2022/07/08 20:41

To my almost lover

I lost all sleep

Thinking of you

You denied me just a second

To get my mind off you

My heart beats for you

My ears crave for your voice

My body wishes to be embedded on yours

For eternity

I want to be intertwined on you

To get lost in you

Till forever falls apart irrespective of

What people think of me thinking of you this way

I want you by my side

To ever be the muse of my poetry

The protagonist of my stories

And perhaps the air that I breath

I know am imperfect

But I now want to be my perfect version for you

I want to cross oceans for you, don't even give it an effort

I want a conditional love

But you my darling

Are my unconditional love

From all the unsent poems written in my diary

To all the words stuck in my head for I couldn't describe you on paper

I will never stop writing for you

I'll never stop loving you

And I will never allow you to know these

For I know once you know

You'll uncage yourself from my mind

Yet am too scared to lose you

*From your no one to my everything


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