My heart hurts

Machipo2022/07/06 10:19

I know it's relatable to many of us.I mean most of us are victims of toxic relationships. It's hard to heal but eventually we'll all get better ❤️💯

Sometimes I still wonder

How I didn't realise it all in the beginning

The hate in pure disguise

Unseen in my loving eyes

I tend to hate my innocent heart

At first it all felt real

Making me want to judge my judgement

And blame it all on my knowledge

Too late to know it all

But at last I saw it all

The fake promises you made

The fake smile you showed

I was too shocked to believe

I was too late to relive

All the memories I kept were not real

I find it hard not to blame myself

I won't be shedding tears because already it's late

I won't be showing fears because forever was fake

I can't tell if it all was decided by fate

Because I was too late to discover it was fake


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