Jenny2022/07/06 07:57

I am jaiden and I rule the fucking world. I take what I want and am not used to being rejected. Seeing the little girl walk into the club was the mistake she made and I would do whatever it takes to make her mine. Nobody can stop me from taking what is mine not even herself

Preparing to travel can be as exhausting as ever especially for a lazy person like me. Looking at the pile of clothe remaining in the bed waiting for me to pack just made me loose hope and lay on top of it. I made up my mind to tell my younger sister to help me and if she refuse I will just offer her some money to do so. Picking up my phone, I started scrolling through it looking at the graduation picture I took with my friends. It was last week we graduated but it felt like ages because I know I would not be seeing them for a long time. This is so because I just got admission to university to study my dream course. I immediately put off my phone remembering I would be travelling the following day for my registration process in the university. Calling my sister to help me complete the packing I doze off knowing I have a long day ahead of me.


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