The Grandmaster

Ellathewriter2022/07/05 04:45

A young woman’s scary dream manifesting into reality has to be what she least expects. Getting used to having the dreams is one thing, but experiencing the same thing in reality? Ohh wow!

The Grandmaster

I was in the woods again. But this time I wasn’t alone, i was with the grandmaster. I didn’t know how I came up with that name but he was the grandmaster. He watched me closely not daring to fake a smile. The atmosphere was calm and the birds whispered sweet melodies in my ears, my only worry was the spooky-looking man sitting next to me. 

“I’ve never seen you here” I managed to say. He smiled showing a set of extremely white teeth, ”I’m the Grandmaster”. I nodded like I was expecting him to say that. I still couldn’t figure how I knew he was the grandmaster.

His eyes shown as he looked at me, “there are five mystic cities and I’ll list them according to hierarchy “. My eyes were fixed to his sharp jawline and sexy lips as he spoke. 

“They are Lebron, Iris, Lozandros…… ” he stopped and scrutinized me from head to toe.

Pasia and Latos” I said almost in a whisper. He nodded in agreement with a wide grin. I smiled in spite of myself. 

“Are you ready Dilly? ” he got up swiftly and strolled into the depths of the woods effortlessly. I followed suit, “yes I am! “. I was going to scream *ready for what* but he was too fast and he was doing it effortlessly. I ran after him just as my legs could carry me. 

We stopped when we got to the bank of the cleanest river I’ve set my eyes on. My jaw dropped in amazement. “I’ve never been to this part of the woods.” I looked at the grandmaster and freezed. I opened my mouth but there was no sound. His wings were a mixture of white and gold. My heart raced at the transformation. 

“We start by introducing you to the least in the hierarchy, city of the arch angels” his voice was firm and calm. 

“Latos? ” My eyes widened and suddenly everything became blury. 


I forced my eyes open and jumped out of bed as someone knocked at my door. I wasn’t expecting anyone, it’s Saturday.

I just had another dream about the woods. I sighed trying to figure it out. The last time I spoke to my mom about my dreams, she said I was watching a lot of horror movie.

“but that’s not it” I sighed heavily. The knock came again, this time louder. I sleepily walked to the door and opened secretly wishing it was my mom or my bestie.

“Good morning, how can I help you? ” I asked with my eyes closed.

“Sorry for disturbing your sleep…….I’m Ryan……your new neighbor ” a very familiar voice spoke. My heart skipped a beat as I opened my eyes. My body was urging me to run but I couldn’t obey because my mind was all about passing out.

Standing in front of me was the grandmaster from my dream.


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