Jessi2022/07/04 16:53

Sweet winters day, dark stormy nights

The waves splashing and washing away throughout the shores

Sounds of the raindrops pebbles meeting the ground like crowds

As lighting strikes, thunder growls

Such an obscurity, with the clouds overcrowding the sky,

Lights became noticeable from the otherside of the tall captivating mountains

Thy shall seize to reminisce over the profitable past

Redemption river flowing away camouflaged into a flood

A stranger approaches, exchanging a hard cold stare

Maybe innocent might as well be cowardly daring

Empty lanes, quiet town, beautiful phase

Surprisingly the next morning came

Unveiling the chaos that one particular night came on to decipher

Darkness came to light, to that song that was once long forgotten

Hidden behind that long lost Melody.


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