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About how people discriminate on the basis of religion


When you are alone, whom with you talk to…??

A Human or a Religion...??

I talk to a human when I have to share my feelings or anything. When am overwhelmed or depressed, I don’t need a person who would belong to my religion, I would find a good listener and a good person.

Humans judge humans not as humans but as Religions. A woman wearing a burqa is gentle, on the other hand a woman wearing a skirt is characterless. A turban wearer man is respectful while the other with bare head is without any honor. Are we judging people by their clothes...?? What if the religious clothes would change instantly…?? A Hindu would wear a burqa, a Muslim would wear a turban and the Sikhs would wear cross signs on their necks. Will the inner personality of the person changes with these changes...?? If your answer is a NO, then why judge people on basis of such outer means whereas a real human is from inside.

Most of the people find it unethical to marry in another religion, then they should also be not allowed to make friends from other religion, should not do business with other religions, should not visit their shrines as an exploration, etc. etc.

How would you identify my religion? From my clothes, my name? What if I don’t know about any of them? Would you assassinate me for not having any religion but only just having a human identity?

Do you get pets after asking their religions? Is it Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist or Jain? I will only own a pet from my community not from other, they are just not fit for me, it would bite me.

This is all USELESS…!!! People… would you please see a human as a human and not anything else.

Treat a living being as a living being not as a non-living concept. As the god says…. “I AM ONLY ONE SPIRIT THAT IS IN YOU...IF YOU UNDERSTAND, THEN ONLY YOU WILL FIND ME.”




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