Sarah - The beautiful flower

Taskmaster2022/07/04 15:44
Sarah - The beautiful flower


Looking at the ellegance of a beautiful Flower, just from a distance

Glowing and blooming, withstanding the blowing wind

Dancing to some silent unknown lyrics, rhythmical sounds from East to West

Within it there is plenty of life, wishing it was all mine.

It's long gone; picked & taken, somebody enjoying the sweet scent.

All Rossy & Juicy from the looks in its eye

Delicious fruits depicted from the beautiful Flower

Whose luck came first? wishing it was all mine.

Though far away in the middle of the sea, my heart still feel stolen.

Anyway love is natural, without any covert force,

I will not tire or relent looking at the beautiful flower untill it shades its shouting petals, that will mark the end of my yearn.

Amidist all cost, let the river take its course

Let the flower keep on lighting its wellowing brightness.

Whoever planted and whoever owns the flower are the luckiest beasts on earth,

Take good care of the beautiful flower or else.....wishing it was all mine.

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