Tapestry of fate

Tazix2022/07/03 23:04

This story is an evilishes tail of a dream demon how he came to be and his new favorite past time.

Tapestry of fate

Dreams forever and consistently destort them selfs so they may remain superficial for this is how they naw on are subconscious.
    Alone while awake, has lead to My evolvalution, a new breed perhaps a bad seed, let me show you, yes perfect we will show you inside are mind.
Close your eyes and Dream with me, this is my favorite part you see we are inside pandoras box,
in order to orchestrate and manipulate perception and perspective, its key in allowing the story teller to articulate and account all the details of your malevolent murder scene.

You see its art the way I've woven this tapestry each thread and every stitch.
There is no time for mercy, I still have to clean, besides I don't use all the parts just the ones we like each and everyone was drawn intentionally into this web,
look and see everything happens in quick succession the illustrations graphic by nature sure, but look at the wall of delusions there in the smoke and mirrors they reflect in order to redirect so all will be undistroted so you may see my visions.

Sit back while I disassemble her parts then watch as I desembowel this stupid fuck, he could not comprehend now that he has met his end. I work like picasso these bladed will be my brush, needle and thred and the parts I collect will be my paints, and will all soon be apart of my masterpiece. Yes I work tirelessly to give them all purpose.
Excuse me no this is not an illusion, my friend and no I'm far from insane, but if I were you I'd watch what I say befor I soon see you to could not comprehend.
Perhaps it's to be my curse, maybe its only cattle drawn to a slaughter house, regain focus and listen to me you stupid fool, look at my masterpiece each of them, just like you drawn to me like a moth to the flame.
I was there salvation befor lost with out a cause addiction driven lost in prostitution mindlessly driven by depression. No they will all be apart of this tapistry masterpiece of parts that line the walls of pandoras box.
Never again alone for they get to be with me for all of eternity. Unlike divinity and the holy trinity they will never be lost with out dignity.

You silly silly fool how could that be blasphemy, for I was an angel, a servant of your lord, war was waged all was lost 1000 years in the fields of pain row after row my brotheren impaled on the spikes of God Corrupted and demented fir survival and your God gave birth to demons like me. You believe he loves you you think he shall save okay my friend let's pray, wait and see...
he turned his back on angles and humans alike closed heavens gate. And through his fit. So now I must cut your through so I may add your head to the tapestry of fate.
The end.

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