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Online writing has been in the rise due to increase in the rate of unemployment. This has been caused by economic factors like inflation and also by higher number of graduates from universities and colleges with few job opportunities. The internet has made it possible for online writing activities which include, article or feature writing, blogging, editing, social media content creation and magazines/newspapers.


Some of the benefits associated with online writing include;

·        No education background or certification is required.

·        Work flexibility.

·        Location flexibility.

·        Job security.

·        Financial benefits.

·        Knowledge development and expand thinking capacity.

·        Reliable and assurity of payment.

·        Cheap and easy to establish.

·        Availability of opportunities.


1.      No education background or certification is required.

The most important factor in consideration in online writing is the ability to perform tasks within the agreed time with the customers. Strong education background is an added advantage but the academic qualifications are not the key factor to be successful online writer. Anyone can be an online writer as long as he/she has access to electronic device to enable him/her to connect with customers through the respective websites.


2.      Work flexibility.

Online writing is not restricted to any task specification. You can choose what suits your capabilities better, but it gives the freedom to learn and become experienced in all kinds of online writing. Unlike in being employed, where you specialize in your profession, online writing gives the freedom to choose.


3.      Location flexibility.

Online writing gives you the freedom to work from any location of your choice as long as you can be able to access the internet with your potable electronic device. Unlike in white color jobs where you are required to report to specific work station, online writing has the freedom of work place. You can choose to work from home, when travelling or even in your personal office.


4.      Job security.

The continuity of online writing is totally dependent on personal choice unlike in employment where the terms are contractual and others casual where termination of the employment is decided by the employer any time he/she feels right. Also other forces like economic factors can lead to termination of jobs.


5.      Financial benefits.

Money is one of the key aims of online writing. Each task completion entitles for payment. You can achieve your financial targets by completing as many tasks as possible within the stipulated time. There is no fixed income in online writing unlike in employment where the wages are fixed amount. The reward in online writing is limitless depending on individual efforts and determination.


6.      Knowledge development and expand thinking capacity.

Every task in online writing hives a new challenge which grows your thinking capacity and also increases your knowledge on different matters.


7.      Reliable and assurity of payment.

The online writing platforms are legit and trustworthy hence giving assurity of payment by the customers. This gives you the determination to handle tasks and devote your time in it for you are sure that the payments will be credited to your account.


8.      Cheap and easy to establish.

Putting in consideration that online writing does not require premises and on basis of its flexibility and all it requires is reliable network and electronic device, it makes it easy and cheap to establish online writing business. Also the process is easy and straight forward.


9.      Availability of business opportunities.

Online writing has lately been congested making it a reliable business platform for many. The tasks are endless and therefore assurity of business for those who are ready.


After understanding the several benefits associated with online writing, its fare to state that it is taking over the entire market. It is producing many careers and the number is expected to increase in the near future.

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