Find the inner mind peace!

Russell2022/07/02 22:40

How to remain patient and find peace and have a clear mind.

As wind blows and sounds of ocean waters whistles past my ears.
Closing my eyes, helps me fight my fears.
As sea waves crash into the rocks.
Out there in the dark, no time to tell.
The tranquillity I feel here just smoothens my mind. Keep digging and digging, just hard to find a peaceful Day.
The blowing of the air just calms my soul.
Helps me think about what and how to seek my life's goal. I step out and look over the oceans And it feels like my life has lost its commotion.
As the sun sets down over the clouds, a beauty orange glow around makes me proud.
As the night appears it feels like where I need to be is here.
Getting to understand how to reduce the pain of discomfort, makes it feel like a beautiful thing.
I sit and wonder where life will go,
But right now all I want is for time to slow.
To enjoy this moment and feel free,
To clear my mind and find some glee.
It's days like these I truly treasure.
Amazing nights and beautiful weather.
It may not seem like much.
But it's moments like these I want to clutch.
For once I feel like life is bliss.
So many hard days of unhappy moments was missed. I lost touch of listening to the waves.
Listening to the birds and watching how the clouds behave.
I could close my eyes and fade into the night.
The calmness I feel helps me win the fight.
As the waves keep crashing into the rocks,
I feel the my heart opening up and the joy calls. The days are drawing too close,  peacefulness I feel right now I desire. calmness Mmmm!


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