Royce2022/07/02 16:44

Love is a beautiful thing.

The Christians refer to it as the head of the fruits of the spirit, even Jesus instructed us love.

Love is not jealous. Love makes one's heart race. No wonder it's the only infection scientists have failed to produce it's cure.

Chemistry has failed to tell us the the kind of bond between two hearts that are in love, biology has also failed in telling us the origin and how we fall in love.

The air is always cool when two lovers meet, their hearts always race and work in a way different from it normal way of functioning.

Love is blind but it always choose what is best for lovers, it is kind and patient. Love accepts a person with all his flaws.

Love is generous, love is beautiful.

However, I'm scared to love because in the present world, love is scarce but lust is rampant.

Heartbreaks are common and peaceful marriages are now scarce.

Lord, the father of love, we beg you to restore love to our lands


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