I love you

Lia2022/07/02 08:43

Usually people turn their eyes on the words “love you” and walkout attention on “I” When expressing love by words the personal pronoun “I” shows sincerity

I love you

When words surface people's mouths in a form like I love you

They do direction their eyes on the letter I I’ve you and walkout attention on I

You see,

from the genesis of time to the revelation of your existence, for you, my heart grieves,

to the sound of your name,

It unfolded every portion of my mind to you, like a soulmate.

Baby, what if I say for you

I lose taste in your absence,

like lovers from Disneyland,

Can we dance through the spotlight that lightens up our path with a naked smile.

My heart beats for you.

With your hands in mine,

we can hold the world and bring this love to our feet to translate those imperfections meet up to perfect ones by epitome connecting souls

Just for a moment,

Just for a moment,

until I do realize how this love,

of ours, gives birth to two bodies in one. To this day, I'm unveiling my heart for your happiness, if only "I love you" is acceptable in your sight.


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