Bunga Kantan

Louma2022/07/02 03:41

Bunga kantan is popularly known n Malay cuisine. It is used as natural flavor enhancer.

Bunga Kantan

Bunga Kantan
by Louma ­čî┐

Bunga kantan as the locals call it,
It can be cooked with fish that we will eat.
It gives fragrance and tangy flavoring,
Popularly used in Malay cooking.

Its flower is a good food enhancer,
And its components have healing power,
Appetite loss, diabetes and hypertension,
It can also reduce body inflammation.

Etlingera elatior named scientifically,
It's a certified  member of the ginger family.
Its common English name is torch ginger,
Fascinating to know as plant and food lover!


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