Alice and the hatters curse

Tazix2022/07/02 14:37


Alice And The Haters Curse

By Tazix

Eyelids are heavy The feeling of Weightlessness causes the body to almost feel as if it’s hovering i drift into the abyss they seen as I became deranged I slipped off only this isn’t dream nor a nightmare it’s reality for I try to scream out I cried for help. Now my body falls down the rabbit hole ace of spade ♠️ replaces the hearts 💕 leaving the Magic to flicker as a dying flaim. Happiness Seized by the jokers the Jacks of spades guard the cell the once creative spontaneous and full of life, Hater, where now he sits mumbling like a deranged drunk for that cat and it’s Ludacris mind tricks have robbed him of his sanity and left him with nothing but darkness distal the light from his eyes. Alice Banish her self to the watch towers above for she is guilt stricken for she blames herself for the conditions of her relm when reality the monstrosity behind it all, the villain The corrupter of joy, bringer of sin, the only creature capable of mutilating love. The bringer of darkness the fallen angel the entity that has implanted and ensnared so much evil into his heart and thus onto the story, until it had golf in the lives of all those written in history with misery the dark prince the thief of smiles. He and he alone must carry the burden. But he relashies in the fact that he’s destroyed all that he’s touched Corrupted all that was good so now my dear friends I the rabbit will lower my head takes a bow and waves farewell. For I do believe the hater has had his final curtain call. Thus I am now so very much board. Onto the next onto the very next story in which I may I may have so very much fun Indeed. Well Until I unleash what all you deserve, why why is the little old rabbit always forgotten.


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