Depressions manipulation

Tazix2022/07/02 02:53

Depression has a way of speakin up on us Until its to late.we tell are self we are fine its just a phase.... what ever are denial statements are. If anyone that reads tjis and your feeling alone or that you have no where to turn. I am here to talk. NO PROBLEM IS PERMANENT. YOU ARE NOT WORTHLESS A STRANGER THINKS YOU MEAN ENOUGH TO BE THERE NO EXCUSES. MESSAGE ME GOD LOVES YOU.

Hearts break and now hearts ache

Depression compounds with the contingencies of life, we stumble we fall, are bodies battered are minds and hearts broken. We begin to act of desperation, neurotic an unmanaged, the sounds of laughter are replaced with mournful cries, and they drive us guide us to a place where we have become Stranger's to are self an out of place among loved ones. we become architects of are own destruction. The parasite that consumes an and multiplies and amplifies until it has anchored its self into the hearts body and mind of each and ever person we love, it won't quit until it has diminished us and caused us to withers away. the battle it wages will not stop until we left like an abandoned house an empty shell nothing but memories in disoray.


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