Carousel of pain

Tazix2022/07/01 23:57

Dark poam of self torture

Carousel  of pain

Imagine your past present and future swallowed by failure. Your mind body and spirt broken like a stain glass window. Nothing more then then a sad reminder of what once was and never will be again. Trapped on the carousel of contempt and torture. There are no animals on this ride only the peoples faces, and the places or institutions we have failed. There is no music only voices and cries of are loved ones as they express their pain as they tell us how we have let them down and all the ways we have failed. In the mirrors they play out past failures and predict all future shortcomings we call them them the Oracle on the wall. There is many ways to find your self here on this ride but my friend there is only one way out there is only one way to relieve the burden we cause. a singular way to stop the pain and suffering we cause, we must perform the courageous act for all the faces that we have trapped on this ride with us. We must free them, by sacrificing one... we must. for this is the only way to right are wrongs. Find Comfort in this and know that this the will end are pain.

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