Mentor MARD2022/07/01 20:38

A love story

I thought i have seen this side of the world before

or has time been exhausted and put to her fore;

past sequence keep replaying back to us in rolls

like flashbacks too difficult for us to recall on our own.

The last time i met with this part of the world,

it shew me clemency with it cheering words;

but at this second meeting it seems fate is all i got,

and clinging to the desires that i have done it before;

not easy to prove,

yet it kept on appearing as true to the core.

As the wind blew kisses to the tempest of the sea,

i remembered of how much wonders my eyes has seen;

kneeling down at the spot as if praying for more to see,

lo and behold, i came face to face with a fairy queen.

As the rumbling of sea connived with lightening to put asunder,

my vision started failing as the picture became unclear and my hope plundered;

alas, the queen came, but was too quick to go with the storm,

and my mind kept consoling me that i have seen a lady fair,

all i need is my heart to reform.

Waking up like a baby on a cradle

only to see that the night

has exhausted alot of candles;

i bundled my body, my heart and my whole,

with no sole on so as not to step on my soul.

Nice pairs, an envy of angel,

no fear, just need to find the girl;

yes, the queen from my dream,

that has murdered my sleep.


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