Can you mend my broken heart

Danielgabriel2022/10/11 20:53

Chapter 1 That fateful collision [At CHANGI International Airport] "I need a ticket to New York. ASAP", asked a barely-there frail voice. "Give me a moment to check Ma'am." The stewardess said politely and looked back at the screen, typing into the computer. "Ma'am the earliest is CS airlines, but the economy is full. Would you like to opt for the business class in CS airlines or shall I schedule you for tomorrow?" "Tomorrow?" There was no way in which she could possibly bear to stay there for another night. Tomorrow was not an option for her. "Can you please check for any last-minute cancellations? I really need to go back." She asked with a pair of pleading eyes and a quivering voice. Seeing her plight, the stewardess asked, "Would you like to book a ticket in business class then?" All Akira could do was to nod because right now that was the only choice that she had. The girl who always compared the yogurt brand prices to save a couple of cents d

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