Living life for others

Flying Eagle2022/07/01 09:47

Living life for another.

For some, living a life simply means living to serve others. Living to please others and Living to make others happy even if they live in pains, agony and tears for the rest of their life.

Their sacrifice is what makes some live a life they call peaceful, stress free life. They are happy in account of someone happiness or even a family or an entire generation happiness.

I thought about it, living life just to please others. Is that life? Why not living life to please God.

Living in sadness just to make others happy? Is that right?

Living in tears just to put a smile on someone's face isn't a life. But they are please, they want happiness too but they believe they can never get it.

It is not meant for them. I am here this morning to tell you that you deserve to be happy. Everybody deserve to be happy...

We all deserve happiness no matter how bad we are and even if we are living to pains and agony because of our parent wrongs.

Some are in this position all because their parent was the definition of evil, they make life hell for some children and life that have a way of paying back their children for their evil behaviour.

Their children will never experience happiness and they have to work for everything they need on earth. They work for morning food, afternoon and night. They work all day tirelessly without help from anyone. Permit me to say if we work for every of our need, we are going to live in abject poverty.

Relationship matters, help matters, helpers matters, destiny lifters matters.

Propel like that don't deserve it though, that are innocent but just having a father or mother that what they do everyday is evil can make someone useless for the rest of his life.

Some are doing this as a sacrifice, they are in sadness just to make others happy. They enjoy putting smile on someone's face especially the children their parents have done wrong to or their family. Their life itself is a living sacrifice....

There are different approach to matters. What is your own approach on this matter??? Are people like that worth paying with their life for their wrongs?

Is it right children paying with their happiness cos of their parent wron


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